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Guitar Guru

The guitar guru gives you detailed and note for note instructions which will help you to access chords properly. The guitar guru plays after the appropriate chords you, so that you need only to imitate him. To do this a bunch of guitar appears virtually friends, where real-time finger positions are displayed. You can choose even the colours of the dots and numbers that show the different fingers. The guitar guru leaves you enough time you handle images for viewing and understanding on your guitar. You can individually adjust the speed of playback. The guitar guru allows you sufficient possibilities to adjust tempo and rhythm to your individual abilities and your learning progress. The guitar guru can each comfortably with the arrow keys adjust speed you, so that you can practice change of finger and striking techniques in rest and repeat. The guitar guru can support you with a metronome.

You can customize guru visually the user interface of the guitar to your tastes. You can choose your personal favorite guitar. The guitar guru lets you choose between different guitar models. You can learn on acoustic, electric or bass guitars. For the bass guitar Guru provides you the guitar even separate lessons available.

In addition to the guitar guru ready MIDI files you can use your own CD collections or MP3 or WMA files as audio tracks. The offered freeware also contains a reduced choice of songs for the first steps on the guitar. On the homepage of the manufacturer, you can purchase any many more titles that are then paid. Here songs for the guitar are a total 2000 guru available. Each song printed handle tables are, that make easier the playing and practicing.

All info about guitar guru at a glance

• Learn guitar step by step
• Choose yourself when you want to repeat something or want to continue
• Version 3.2.2
• The file size is 4752 KB
• For Win98/98SE/me/2000/XP operating systems
• Free download version

Background information about guitar guru

The manufacturer of Musicnotes is the leading seller of digital music literature in the Internet. Musicnotes offers more than 110,000 digital songs for paid download. Musicnotes cooperates with all major music publishers and constantly updated the offer.

Description of the version: Guitar Guru

With the new guitar you guru now more than 2000 songs to choose when you want to learn your favorite pieces on guitar. In the new version were added many features and settings added to, so you can better regulate now the learning pace. In addition, removes bugs and errors of the previous versions and the voice-command function improved, so that your fingers must not leave the guitar strings.

The most important innovations of guitar guru in version 3.2.2

• Over 2000 songs now on your PC can be played
• More options and capabilities of the voice-command
• Revised errors and bugs of previous versions

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