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GUI for dvdauthor/MuxMan is a cool free tool to make your own DVDs.



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GUI for dvdauthor/MuxMan (Freeware)

With GUI for dvdauthor/MuxMan, you can freely assemble your movies, videos, and JPEGs and also burn. If you prefer another burning program, also without any problems it business. According to your wishes, you can insert ingredients like buttons, text, and a. m. via drag -and-drop.

GUI for dvdauthor/MuxMan is primarily to allow a comfortable convert TV shows to a DVD format. Of course you can use the software for MPG videos from other sources, however, there is no typical function for copying DVDs (E.g. RIPP, transcode, etc.). Then just using your favorite burning program or just the one provided with the DVD burner to burn the final DVD. GUI for dvdauthor/MuxMan provides only the necessary VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folder (as well as the VOB and IFO files). This can be burned with any DVD burner tool (UDF - ISO format). Problems appeared very rarely with stand alone DVD players. Since version 0.82, it is possible, also by GUI for dvdauthor/MuxMan to burn, even if Nero (version 5.5 or higher) is installed. Also ImgBurn is supported since version 0.99.2.

The tools for source and supplied library, above - as with all programs - the buttons for file, are located view, insert, format, go to startup and settings on the left side. Including additional features such as, format and final settings can be found. The formats in the left part you can now drag & drop in the image window. So, you can place movies and chapters, but also text, buttons, images and menus with the left mouse button at any point. With the right mouse button, you can change some characteristics (font size, font, color). Only the most recently added movie can be deleted (batch processing). For the menus the file default.jpg from the GFD directory used as background image by default. You can overwrite this file with any own JPG file.

Description of the version: GUI for dvdauthor/MuxMan (Freeware)

Drag and drop, you would like to place your MPG videos in the program window, adjusts the arrangement and the size, choose a background and headings for each chapter. Audio parts are set the mountable flag. You can also choose whether you want to use the variant DVDauthor or Muxman to editing. You have made all settings, the DVD folders AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS with all necessary IFO and VOB files are created. The videos can then be burned with a popular burning software and are therefore playable on most DVD players.

The features of GUI for dvdauthor/MuxMan in version 1.07

• Supports the formats PAL and NTSC
• Supported the page sizes are 4:3 and 16:9
• Selection possible between single VTS and VTS multi

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