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With the guestbook you can create generator a guestbook, without to have programming skills.



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Guestbook Generator

Guestbook generator is a program with which you can create an online guestbook easily and quickly. But there is generator of guestbook no German version. To be able to use the program, you must have knowledge of English. On the other hand, you don't need programming skills. The program is available as a freeware available, which means that the download is free. But, because the programming of the book for your home page guestbook generator in ASP format, you must have an ASP enabled Web server.

Guestbook generator offers you for the design of your book different design templates to. You yourself can determine also the fonts. Guestbook generator gives you also the opportunity to implement your own ideas. Here is trial and error. Different colors and text fields allow you to produce a very respectable guestbook for your homepage with this program in a short time. All you have to do is the finished ASP files that has generated the guestbook generator, to load on your Web server.

Guestbook generator is a program that allows you easily to create a guestbook for your homepage. You to adjust perfectly the graphic design to the design of your Web page. For the use of the guestbook, you need no HTML knowledge generator. With the function "add new field" you choose which fields you want to have your guestbook and how you want to name them in the program. In the field "Fonts and Links", you choose the color and font. You can choose from many presets. With the function "Body, Titles and Table", you give your guestbook its distinctive appearance. Guestbook all information entered by you generate your guestbook generator in very short time.

Functions and design options with the guestbook generator

• Various design templates
• Different fonts
• Different colors
• Text boxes
• Individual design options
• No programming skills required

System requirements and download

Guestbook generator is designed for operating systems Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. The program is available as freeware for free download. The download size is only 1.3 megabytes and occupies so much space. An important prerequisite is that your Web server is capable of ASP. Just so, you can also upload the data that generate generator, guestbook, and integrate the guestbook into your homepage.

Description of the version: Guestbook Generator

What would be a website without comments from guests? With the guestbook generator you can make quickly a guestbook friends with just a few hand movements. You need neither HTML nor PHP knowledge. You are different designs to choose from. Colors, fonts, and text fields you can set and personalize to your guestbook. Then must you upload the ASP files of the guestbook generator only on your computer.

The guestbook generator designed your guestbook:

• Create a guestbook in the blink of an eye.
• Create even your guestbook - even without PHP or HTML knowledge.
• Select even matching colors, fonts and designs.

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