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Gspot-270-a tool is used for the rapid detection of video codecs of unknown files.



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Gspot-270-a is the best freeware unless you play a video file. The many now-to-true media files often need a program designed specifically for them to be played back. The popular media player cover many file types, but a tool like gspot-270-a is quite useful - especially when it comes to foreign movie files can be opened with the usual default program. So, you can decipher Chinese television as well as the commercial of a Brazilian small business typically only about the country-specific decoded player.

In addition, the computer discovered not always the most beneficial program for the respective file why gspot-270-a supports the computer during this activity. Gspot-270-a works primarily but as a codec expert, by reviewing the video files and identify the used codec. After it is been researched in the connection via search engine, you can find usually the appropriate programme or the necessary extension in the Internet. On request, the gspot-270-a can even operate and independently download the desired files.

Another useful feature of the gspot-270-a is his ability of file information, format, tools to analyze media data and other elements of the respective file. Thus, the gspot-270-a also for programmers and people interested in software offers useful ancillary functions.

Key features and functions of the gspot-270-a tool:

• Simple video decoding
• Displaying file information
• Ease of use
• Continuous update
• Free download
• Fast installation

You need to know information about the gspot-270-a tool

Gspot-270-a has gone through several stages of development, steadily improving in particular the interface and the codec cover. It has been developed by Steven Greenberg and now takes on millions of servers use. While the program only on the Windows community is limited, what still might change in the coming years. All in all is a useful freeware tool the gspot-270-a, if problems should occur during playback of video files of whatsoever. It is updated constantly and you can find it on every major software download server. What file is the size of the gspot-270-a, only a few megabytes large and fast to download it and install it without much effort.

Description of the version: GSpot

The latest version of the well-known analysis software GSpot to determine what codecs were used to create almost any conceivable video file. GSpot of reliable not only video codecs, but also current audio codecs such as FLAC and AAC. All recorded information will be clearly displayed and allow you to determine the correct codec to make even the most difficult media files running. The latest GSpot runs easily on newer operating systems like Windows 7.

The current version of GSpot in particular can do:

• identifies 719 video codecs
• detects 245 audio codecs
• determine data rates
• determine number of rows
• determined length and size of the files
• recognizes PAL and NTSC 4:3 and 16:9 formats

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