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GrooveWalrus is a simple media player for the online music platform and Grooveshark.



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GrooveWalrus is a special media player to listen to just some Internet radio platforms. You play your favorite music from and Grooveshark and save off as desired playlists.

GrooveWalrus is a specially designed Media Player for the online music platform and Grooveshark. You to play your favorite music from these platforms and create playlists for your favorite titles. The platforms have a search function, which is installed in the media player. Are you looking for your favorite title easily, thereby adding to the playlist. The MediaPlayer is useful not only for the online music, also you can add tracks from your own music collection and play like a normal player.

The media player GrooveWalrus is also useful in managing your previously played music title in the supported online platforms. The different tabs in the playback window, you can see which titles have been played already and what were your top keywords. The program also shows some information about the title friends, straight, playing around about the artist and the album. After you have collected a perfect playlist, you can save it as a playlist and so repeatedly call.

The software GrooveWalrus was developed with the idea to use the online music platform, and Grooveshark better on the PC. Only the title can be searched and played in the browser, you receive additional information about the software and can save the playlists for later. The software supports Windows operating systems, so you can use it on any computer. With less than ten megabytes, the program takes not much space.

Description of the version: GrooveWalrus

Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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