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Internet radio made easy: Grooveshark is easy to use and has a huge selection of music.



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Grooveshark is a music service that you can listen to music for free, create playlists over the Internet and rate songs. You can also share you with other listeners in the community, get to know new music.

With Grooveshark, you can experience the Web 2.0 live. As an unregistered user, you can search songs from a huge selection free of charge and listen to it. Also the quality of the music is very good. An interesting feature is the "Grooveshark radio". You must set only one music direction and automatically songs are queued and can be heard without the time-consuming browse matching items. If you like the songs or not, you can communicate using a laughing or sad smiley. The following songs in the list are selected on this basis.

If you create an account, your options multiply. You can create your own playlists and save, and you share with other users of the community. Also the personal smiley reviews the songs stored on the account and Grooveshark suggests music friends that fit to your well rated songs. So you can learn new songs.

The creation of the Internet website is relatively simple, but also very intuitive and easy to use it. In the left menu you will find the individual lists, for example your playlists, songs of the current list, or your Favorites. Among them is "Grooveshark radio", where you can choose between different musical genres. The search function that browsing on almost every song in the database is hiding behind the magnifying glass icon. The songs in the current playlist with CD cover and the progress bar of the current song will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Description of the version: Grooveshark

With the new tool, you can reach Grooveshark also without going through Web browser and Internet site. All features that make Grooveshark so attractive, are of course preserved. Since the tool must not be installed, you can easily take it for example on a USB stick and use on another computer. The clarity and ease of use of Grooveshark is of course remains the tool. English is the language of this small tool and it is only 220 kilobytes in size.

That's what makes the new Grooveshark tool:

• Desktop player for Internet service
• Must not be installed
• Free tool in English
• Very large music selection
• Even without an account can be used
• Only for Windows

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