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Greenshot is a free software for creating screenshots of all kinds.



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To create screenshots of all kinds.

Greenshot program, you can create screenshots of different kind easily and quickly, it is available for free download at the disposal and offers numerous technical features.

Are you looking for a software, you can easily take screenshots and edit them also? Then, the freeware Greenshot is the right choice for you. It offers you many possibilities: you can make a screenshot of a full screen or single window with Greenshot, or select free a pane, which you want to capture a screenshot. So you have a lot of freedom, which is a major plus, the Greenshot as opposed to the merge function in Windows, offered as an alternative to the available stands.

The editor includes the software Greenshot, is particularly convenient because with it you can add captions or graphics wherever the screenshots. In this way, it is possible to record important ideas or notes quickly and easily. Another feature of Greenshot is that images can be saved immediately when shooting. The operation is simple thanks to the clear and well-arranged menu structure. With Greenshot everyone can screenshots customize quickly and easily - computer specialists as well as those who rarely sit at the PC.

The editor Greenshot was wntwickelt by Jens blades and Thomas Braun, and can be downloaded for free from the net to your PC. Because the file with 541.8 KByte in size is not very large, you have to expect a longer wait while downloading. Also the installation on your PC is running quickly - and already you can use the software. It is compatible with the operating systems Windows 2000, Windows, XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Description of the version: Greenshot

The new version Greenshot 0.8 has to offer you the benefits of previous versions, and Windows is compatible się with the current versions of the operating system. If you have Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista or 7 on your computer, you will easily install the freeware Greenshot to take advantage. Curtain allows you to make screenshots easily, and not just the whole screen or single window, but also freely selectable areas. The download of 541.8 kbyte large file is as usual fast and easy installation.

The screenshot editor Greenshot soon:

• Fast undeinfach download on your PC
• Many technical features, including screenshots for free selection
• Clear structure and easy menu navigation
• Compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7

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