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Greenfish Icon Editor Pro

Icons are constant companions in the virtual world of the Internet. Whenever and wherever we encounter it. Usually it takes only unconsciously, or was just on the edge, but they represent an essential stylistic device of modern Web design. Greenfish icon editor Pro allows to create icons also less talented Web designers with existing graphics quickly and easily. The handling is self-explanatory and with a few clicks of the mouse you're Greenfish icon editor Pro any graphic into a chic symbol to turn. But also software developers will appreciate editor Pro Greenfish icon practical functions, to create icons for your own applications.

Greenfish icon editor Pro supports EXE - and DLL files and can be accessed on the read out contained graphics. With one click you cycle every graphics program into an icon. Ambitious artists can create completely new images with the built-in photo-editing tools. Greenfish icon editor Pro offers you all the basic functions you'd expect from a graphics program, various characters, selection, as well as cutting tools.

A very practical feature by Greenfish icon editor Pro is its installationslose design. A simple click is enough to start the program. Also the most popular graphics formats are supported, for example, ICO, BMP, JPG, PNG, XPM or GIF. Greenfish icon editor Pro is available for the operating systems Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000/NT, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Should the desire to own icons packaged you have, then download Greenfish icon editor Pro today using the appropriate download button down.

Greenfish icon editor Pro offers you:

• Create icons with just a few clicks.
• Draw and paint new graphics.
• Can access .exe and .dll files.
• Source ICO, CUR, BMP, JPG, ANI, PNG, XPM and GIF.
• Including useful export functions.
• For Win95/98/2000/NT/Vista/XP.

Greenfish icon editor Pro and other graphics programs

The Internet is full of free image editing programs, providing even more and sometimes less useful features. Greenfish icon editor pro tries to stand out from the crowd in the application specifically aimed at Web designers, hobbyists and software developers, which saves time when creating icons and symbols? But also gifted illustrator will be able quickly cope with Greenfish icon editor Pro and create impressive works at lightning speed.

Description of the version: Greenfish Icon Editor Pro

The current version of the Greenfish icon editor Pro has received some new features that make it easy for you to create icons, cursors or icons. Optimized layer support, it has become easier to sharpen the pixel fidelity in the small images. With an optimized handling of the available tools and high-quality filter can be inserted easier you effects such as drop shadow or glow outlines.

The new features of the current version of Greenfish icon editor Pro.

• Improved UI for user comfort
• Integrated animation editor for generating sequences
• Facilitate the management of animations
• Multilingual user interface
• Advanced filters and effects

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