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Use Greasemonkey to make your favorite Web pages according to your wishes.



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  • Updated: 06.12.2013


With the software of Greasemonkey, you can now make your favorite Web pages themselves and adapt to your wishes.

So, you have the ability to extend functionality and also rebuild the structures.

Apart from colors, font style, or zoom Web pages in the browser cannot be changed in General. Using Greasemonkey you now gain control over your website and can make it to your liking.

With Greasemonkey, this works if you go on the Internet with Firefox. However, you can embed the scripts in Firefox and change to your Web pages. This is done by the HTML code of the websites with the customized scripts are modified or expanded. The Greasemonkey software probably is the most powerful extension for Firefox, and is installed as an add-on. This your user scripts and user scripts in Firefox can be as mini extensions incorporated. So there is also the possibility to convert Web pages completely. Also, you can add as many useful functions, create buttons, or include also cross references, for example from other Web pages. For example, you can set that your favorite YouTube videos directly in the HQ-mode start. You can delete also annoying ads with Greasemonkey. While the Greasemonkey scripts are based on Java-scripts. These can also easily create programming lay.

It couldn't be simpler really. If you wish to write no own scripts, are several finished scripts available, already developed by other users. Your extensions you can click convenient - and switch off. So makes browsing the Internet but is much more fun. In order to use the software, you need only at least the operating systems Windows 98 XP, Vista, Windows 7, or a Mac OS X, 2000.

Description of the version: Greasemonkey

Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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