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The free E-Book: Android developers the basics of Android programming.



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Gratis E-Book: Android

The free E-Book: Android from the point Publisher offers Java developers and users with Java knowledge all the information they need to be able to program applications for the Google Android operating system.

The free E-Book: Android gives you the basics of the Google OS using practical examples and guides you through the steps of a successful app programming. The Android Software Development Kit (SDK) shows innovative ways of programming also experienced Java developers and helps especially with the special requirements, the mobile phones applications. An attention is given to problems like low processor services, interruptions by incoming calls or unstable network connections.

In addition you will learn in the free E-Book: Android all about the various application components, menu structures, surface design and dialogues. The free E-book is also background processes, the importance of databases and file systems as well as the requirements for network and data transfers. More programming steps such as testing and debugging of problems. The code examples for the various components of the application are also made available for downloading on the Internet page of the book. You can be downloaded both the 1.1 SDK and the SDK 1.5.

The helpful was written free E-Book: Android by experienced software developers of by visionera GmbH from Bonn, the friends in this helpful E-book in PDF-format share your great knowledge about the programming of applications for mobile devices and the development of Java systems. You can download the E-book as PDF quickly and safely and instantly expand your knowledge.

Description of the version: Gratis E-Book: Android

The free E-book Android offers a comprehensive overview of the basics of the Google Android operating system and the programming of Android applications. It appeals to Java newbies as well as experienced developers. The programming of dialogs, menus and interfaces, as well as basic information about background processes, database systems, and possible problem areas are taught Android developers with easy to understand examples. Code samples can also be downloaded from the accompanying website.

Content of the E-books "Android: Fundamentals and programming"

• Basics of the Google Android operating system
• Components of the applications
• Programming of applications (surfaces, dialogs, menus)
• Programming phases: Testing, debugging, signing and performance
• Problems and conditions for applications for mobile phones

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