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The graffiti Studio is a drawing tool you can use to design images in the style of graffiti.



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Graffiti Studio

Ski Challenge 11 offers some improvements over the previous versions. For example, the slopes and trails plan was adapted 2011 current snow, so you can play the challange ski like a sports simulation game. Still, the choice of skis and equipment were expanded significantly, so there are more options and a greater variation of the game. Finally, the graphic was polished up significantly, so ski challenge 11 is one of the best free sports simulations on the Internet.

• More options and choice of ski
• Current season dates and competition venues are realistic date implimentiert
• Graphically considerably better than the previous versions
• Realistic driving physics brings more skiing fun

Description of the version: Graffiti Studio

Studio version 2.0, you can spray different surfaces with graffiti in various colours with the graffiti. Access to an online database, it is possible to upload your own works and you can download new wallpapers. In addition to railroad cars and trucks, you have embellished now also have access to tanks, helicopters or off-road vehicle, just waiting you with much Dantasie to be. You Tobe out with graffiti Studio and meet your creative side.

Creating images with graffiti Studio

• 50 different colors to choose from
• Three spray cans in different sizes
• Virtual edding for touch-ups
• Surfaces can be obtained from the database
• Upload your own works

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