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GPU-Z belongs to each USB stick to the system check: small, powerful, and this extremely clearly.



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GPU-Z is scrutinize your graphics card under the magnifying glass.

What once again supported the own graphics card? How much memory did the map and how it looks with the bandwidth of memory and chip? GPU-Z is a small program to read all this information easily.

AMD and NVIDIA are not tired to throw new graphics cards on the market. The naming of the new models is partly more than adventurous and deliberately incomprehensible. Your card has now "up to 2000 MB of graphics memory" or just 512 MB? And what is now faster, how does it look with the bandwidth? GPU-Z explains nearly a megabyte large program must not even be installed to function, it can be kept ready so easily on a USB stick. This is useful especially if the PC of a buddy to be checked out, or when buying a used computer. Stick insert start GPU-Z and look if the seller wants to sell not the ancient graphics card as a top model.

The small tool displaying all the information about the graphics chip, the installed memory and the interface to the computer at a glance. This GPU-Z is also on the memory band width and the width of the bus, indicating how many transistors on the GPU to work and the chip was produced in which production size. In addition, GPU-Z advanced features the card informs you: the question of whether the graphics card now supports CUDA or PhysX, you need no longer to yourself, but only GPU-Z in future.

The Board has sensors for determining temperature, these data are represented. Also, new versions show the utilization of the GPU is just how high and how much is occupied by the graphics memory. You can see also how fast the fan who just turns card and how much is the temperature of the GPU. Even the voltage of the chip will show GPU-Z.

Description of the version: GPU-Z

Added support for NVIDIA GT 440, 550 GTX, GTX 560, GTX 570 and GTX 590 AMD HD6990. In addition the tool offers better detection for Intel's Sandy Bridge GPU. GPU-Z 0.5.2 also adds support for the CHL8228 power chip for AMD Cayman Pro and XT. The current version can read now the CHL8228-voltage chip. The number of ROPs of graphics chip of Madison of AMD's will be shown correctly when compared to the previous version of the stability of programme was also improved. The detection of the OpenGL version with ATI graphic chips has been improved.

The new features of GPU-Z version 0.5.2.

• New graphics chips such as NVIDIA's GTX590 or AMD's HD6990 are supported.
• Support for CHL8228
• Better recognition of Sandy Bridge
• Improved stability of the program.
• Better voltage control for ATI graphics cards
• ROP detection of ATI Madison GPUs to work.

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