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With GpsGate 2.0, you can use different GPS applications at the same time.



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GpsGate 2.0 offers you the ability to use multiple GPS applications at the same time. Thereby, this small program grabs all necessary settings in a single view. If you want to use GpsGate 2.0, you must enter only one COM port when the GPS receiver to send its signal. GpsGate 2.0 offers you the possibility to select any number of virtual COM ports under the tab "Output". Now, the program further provides the signal to each selected COM port. Typically, these virtual ports as standard COM ports that are NMEA compliant and have serial ports behave. The virtual ports from GpsGate 2.0 are recognized by all mobile GPS programs without any problems and accepted.

GpsGate 2.0 is able to store data and to customize protocols from it. GpsGate 2.0 in a simulation can also play these protocols in turn. GpsGate 2.0 in order to use multiple GPS applications, without overwhelming the connection at the same time puts you through the use of virtual COM ports. If you regularly use your GPS, you will quickly see the benefits of this software. There are several Pocket programs that access this software at the same time on same mobile satellite receiver. Thus, the application spectrum of GpsGate 2.0 increases significantly. You can use the program when traveling abroad as a navigation system and simultaneously record the routes with additional programs. You can find out what additional options GpsGate 2.0 offers you, by visiting the manufacturer's website.

There is a free trial with a duration of 14 days available, so that you can try GpsGate 2.0 alone. You can start the download directly here. The download file size is 3.0 MB. After the test phase, a paid registration is required. You will be informed but in a timely manner.

The functionality of GpsGate 2.0

• multiple GPS applications at the same time
• stores data
• create protocols
• different virtual COM ports
• no overloading of the GPS connection
• Extension software available

System requirements

GpsGate 2.0 is compatible with the operating system PPC 2002, PPC 2002PE, WM 2003, WM 2003SE, WM 5 and WM 6 Pro and WM 6 Classic. Also a GPS receiver of course is a prerequisite for the use of the program. The trial version with a file size of 3 MB has a limited service life of 14 days.

Description of the version: GpsGate

The new version of GpsGate can offer some very useful new features that allow you to merge multiple GPS applications in a system. You can simulate GPS recordings and keep a record. Now even over HTTP, you can send the files on your own server. You also have the ability to integrate your data on Web forms and to implement other applications in the software.

The most important innovations of the current release of GpsGate

• Stabilization of connections over Bluetooth GPS
• Log conversion to various formats
Several networks and COM ports can be used •
• Send the files on own server

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