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AFPL Ghostscript is a free converter program for PostScript - and PDF files.



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GPL Ghostscript

A Konvertprogramm for PostScript and PDF files.

AFPL Ghostscript is a software package with a built-in application programming interface (API - application programming interface). AFPL Ghostscript allows you to rasterize the PostScript or PDF files. Thus this page description in PS or PDF code is by AFPL Ghostscript for the printer or monitor and visualized as an illustration. A raster image processor, which is able to cast a simple raster image data with a higher page description language here also called a software RIP, so. AFPL Ghostscript so convert your PS and PDF files into other file formats in which it converts them to a raster graphics. While AFPL Ghostscript ensures that all information on individual vectors and pixels elements preserved although they are been rasterized output to printer or monitor in a specific resolution.

There are numerous additional programs, which have been specially written for AFPL Ghostscript. Ghostview and GSview help for example to use virtual printer driver. To take advantage of these additional programs, AFPL Ghostscript must be installed first on your computer. To work properly with AFPL Ghostscript, GSView is a good extension. So, you have a converter program that can be controlled only via command line with AFPL Ghostscript. So, you have to enter each required step in the AFPL Ghostscript promptly monitor. The extension with GSView gives you the convenient graphical user interface.

AFPL Ghostscript is available as freeware on the Internet for free download. To install this converter program on your computer, you just click on the button "Download". An installation wizard that will guide you through the entire installation process will be displayed. Directly in the connection, you can install the free version of GSView, so that you can work through the graphical user interface.

Functions of AFPL Ghostscript

• Freeware for free download
• Operation via command line and promptly monitor
• Graphical user interface with additional installation of GSView
• Available for all major operating systems
• Preservation of the original vector - and pixel elements
• Render PostScript and PDF output on monitor and printer

System requirements

The program is designed for virtually all major operating systems. It runs under Windows also properly, such as in a 64-bit Linux. Also the operating system MAC and UNIX can convert this program PDF and PS files. The converter can be installed even on MS-DOS, which hardly even reach the application.

Description of the version: GPL Ghostscript

In this version of GPL Ghostscript, you will find an experimental version of a connection of your files using Microsoft Visual Studio. You can start new projects easier. Also, there are some new file formats, you can work with now. In addition, working with the FreeType rasterizer has been greatly improved. There are significant improvements over the old versions of the program to recognize.

The GPL Ghostscript 8.71 contains the following new features

• Microsoft Visual Studio project file
• Simple project start through a new compiler.
• New file formats to the output available.
• better collaboration with FreeType
• larger graphic database interface designing

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