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In Governor of Poker you can in an entertaining scene bluff and reading.



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Governor of Poker

In the mini game Governor of Poker you can practice you anyway, if you are just interested in the bluff and reading. The fun Flash game in miniature is quickly installed and can be run immediately.

Governor of Poker is the right game for all talented poker players or those who want to become it. But also eternal beginners who lose their money at a real poker table, but have still lots of fun to the interesting card game, will find their pleasure in the original game. Because it's not real money, you can bluff without having a bad conscience, as much as you want. If you want to play against real poker professionals to real money at some point, you will learn lots of tricks and gimmicks in the game and make further through constant practice.

But even if you only concerned the game fun, Governor of Poker is a good alternative. At the beginning of the game you assume the role of a lonely Cowboys in the middle of nowhere Texas. If you yourself sent, you soon come to fame through the poker game and move to the big city. There you measure you large arcades with gifted players, until you someday even become the Governor of Poker. Apart from the poker game, you can earn money through the purchase and sale of real estate.

Other than some other online poker games, where less emphasis is placed on the design, Governor is very realistic and lovingly designed of Poker. One actually sits with the other players at the poker table and watched the moves and reactions of each individual from above. Thanks to its sophisticated game, Governor represents the right entertainment for any break of Poker, but also on long game nights is friends with the mini game guaranteed not boring.

Description of the version: Governor of Poker

Even if Governor is still in the basic version of Poker, so it offers many interesting features and lots of fun friends. In a beautifully designed setting in Texas, you will find great pleasure in the poker game and to practice for real rounds, as much as you want. The mini game with all operating systems compatible and 6.2 MByte in size consumes relatively little space on the computer. The game is quickly installed and has a very easy to use.

The functions of the current version of Governor of Poker

• Realistically designed games
• Built in interesting story
• Compatible with all operating systems
• Compact size 6.2 MB
• Quickly installed and started
• Ease of use

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