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GooReader read books from Google books directly on the desktop in the virtual Bookshelf.



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With a virtual Bookshelf GooReader brings Google Books on your computer. The browsing and browsing books and topics from all over the world starts off immediately to the desktop. Clearly as in a classic Bookshelf you have all titles and cover at a glance in front of you.

If you're a fan of Google Books, then you can save you from now long searching and foraging click on the Internet and browser interface. With GooReader you catch a digital Bookshelf right on your desktop. The Internet offering of Google Books, which now includes millions of books from libraries and publishers worldwide, is now clearer and more readable. The books no longer do you need in the browser to read, but can create convenient offline on the entire surface of your desktops.

At a glance the classically designed wooden shelf shows cover, titles, and authors of your Google Books. In the search mask in the headline you will reach by entering by author, title, genre, keyword, or the book ID directly and quickly to your Favorites. Special traffic light labelling in the form of red, green and yellow bookmarks displays friends already in the Bookshelf, which Google Books completely, partially, or not at all exist as a preview. Even if a book not available, but in general information about the book will be shown, about where it can be bought or borrowed. By double clicking on the cover of your choice the Google E-book in a new window opens. Similar like in the Apple's iBook application you come also for GooReader enjoy a dynamic reading through animated page turning. Depending on the requirements, can you zoom you the text also or jump back and forth in the book.

With the paid premium version you can set up your own Bookshelf you by storing the title. But just the experience of the Schmökerns in the virtual GooReader Bookshelf opens a new dimension of E-book reading.

Description of the version: GooReader

For the current version of GooReader, you need Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5. The advantage of a full-screen mode, where can you put your virtual Bookshelf you on the entire desktop and read books in large-format is the version. The paid Pro version, it is possible to export the books in PDF format. Through a control panel, you can scroll in the book as well as between individual pages and chapters and jump. In contrast to the Web interface of Google Books reading and browsing at GooReaders through the smooth surface has more fun.

New reading and book experience with GooReader

• Read the books in full-screen mode
• animated pages
• Search for book ID, title, author and keywords
• improved readability of the Internet offer from Google Books

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