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The Google Translator you dominated a useful translator of over 50 languages.



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Google Translator

Who doesn't know the infamous Google Translator. Earlier, he was more a toy than useful support. Especially if you wanted to translate whole sentences, often unintentionally funny set creations emerged. These times belong to the past but long, constant further developments, an everyday all-rounder when it comes to translations now made the Google Translator.

The Google Translator detects the language of the selected text and translated this to you in real time. The program accesses it via the Internet on the Google database and is thus able to identify over 50 languages and to translate and is constantly in this way, what means but also that an active Internet connection is required to use. The Google translator has an automatic update detection and can be adapted to the needs of the user. In the launch as well as in the browser it integrates.

It is also possible the Google Translator on a paid Pro version to the advanced features, such as, for example, a Wikipedia, promote integration or support for XDXF dictionaries. Try the Google Translator now using the download button on this page. One goes the installation of Google Translator easily by hand and faster than one is sweet, has on these little helpers called Google Translator accustomed. The allround is translator for all current Windows operating systems, such as Win 98, win 2000, win me, win XP, win Vista and win 7 available free of charge.

Google Translator in the overview

• Real time translation of selected text
• About 50 languages are automatically recognized and translated
• Integration into browser and launch possible
• Expandable to the Google Translator Pro version with additional features
• Automatic checking for updates
• Free freeware translator

The Google Translator as part of the great Google family:

Google translator is only a small part of the now unlimited Google services. It seems as though is Google, a company that has already found inroads into our everyday lives through its search engine, would have made even more to influence the life of every individual Internet user. The brands are endless. Picasa, Google chrome, Google Earth, YouTube, Google maps, Google mail blogger, and many more. So the Google translator is in good company, and it will be curious what will put Google out of the hat next.

Description of the version: Google Translator

The current version of the Google Translator now makes it possible to translate into 57 languages. Incorporating information from non-English Web pages is easier now through the translation also of Internet content. The algorithms for generating translations have been revised and the quality of the target text is better. The machine translator-Editor uses now increasingly human translations of patterns to make clearer the grammar in translation texts for you.

The main new features of in version 2.5 by Google Translator

• Integrated translator editor has been revised
• Translation algorithms are increasingly looking for human comparison translations
• Can be integrated content from Web pages
• More languages available

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