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The Google toolbar offers many tools, to control and filter searches.



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Google Toolbar

The Google toolbar is very simple in its operation: with one click in the toolbar can be selected between different features. The search box at the left end of the bar gives helpful suggestions that can speed up your query during your text input. These suggestions come from frequent searches on Google and your search history. Also suggestions for the correct spelling of a Word are given.

Next to the search box, the Google toolbar, there are other tools which simplify you all possible actions. With a click on the tab, you can check the spelling in messages, and contact forms spellchecker in Google toolbar. You will receive various correction suggestions, among which can be selected by clicking on a red highlighted word. Another way the Google toolbar offers the translation of websites in more than 40 languages button. You move your mouse cursor over an English word, the translation appears without a corresponding command. Thanks to the Google toolbar AutoFill feature not more repeatedly give in your name, phone number, E-Mail address, private and billing address when filling out forms. There is also the possibility to create different profiles for business and personal data.

Of course the Google toolbar to your specific needs and preferences can be adapted. By clicking on the wrench to the right side of the button Google toolbar's options can be enabled and disabled. After adjusting the settings, you can secure these save button.

More features of the Google toolbar

• Save your favorite websites with the help of bookmarks
• Add helpful information with SideWiki
• Search with Google search services such as Google image search or Google Scholar
• Block automatic opening browser Windows with the pop up Blocker
• Pass on any Web page to your friends with the Google toolbar
• Get more accurate local search results with the location feature

Development of Google toolbar

Google toolbar is constantly further developed and refined to provide maximum usability and differentiated and customized options to the users. The Google toolbar was one of the first ways to color highlight searches in the results. Already at the time of the initial publication, the toolbar offered many opportunities, which appealed to many users and used. Since she will be continuously expanded. The Google toolbar can be used with Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer (from version 5.0).

Description of the version: Google Toolbar

The Google toolbar makes you life on the Internet a lot easier: with the SideWiki, you can write your own entry or also quickly and easily add your comments to existing articles. But the Google toolbar makes easier the search in the Internet friends: make sure that you can find fast the desired term automatic spelling suggestions. Other great settings, E.g. "my location"; can be activated on request, so that your friends will always know where you're just at the start!

The best features of the Google toolbar in the overview:

• Submit comments via SideWiki
• Spelling in the search box
• Free download, very simple search
• Custom layouts, page rank function
• Quick search box can be adjusted

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