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Google SketchUp Pro 7 can be models efficiently create, export and present 3D.



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Google SketchUp Pro

The 2 included software Google SketchUp Pro 7, the 3D is can be exported models, created and presented also LayOut. This is a completely new software with which to implement full presentations of the created SketchUp models into action. This is not only on paper, but also digital. With Google SketchUp Pro 7, the user such as discovered how to develop buildings for Google Earth. In addition, he finds more about plugins which extend the functionality of Google SketchUp Pro 7. In addition, he meets software, which is compatible with Google SketchUp Pro7.

Another big advantage of Google SketchUp Pro 7 is the fact that it is easier to learn much as comparable 3D-Modelliersoftware. This is the self-explanatory user interface. Most people with the modeling begin already after a few hours. Each 3D can develop models with Google SketchUp Pro 7. Weekly Web demonstrations, the detailed Google SketchUp Pro 7 help and video tutorials are helping. As well as the technical E-mail support 7 users always use SketchUp Pro can. Because design is a process of discovering and searching, SketchUp Pro 7 is also ideal to test and try out new. 3D-Probleme can be solved quickly using Google SketchUp Pro7. Google SketchUp Pro 7 allows precise work, which is guaranteed by the original standards.

Because no program is an island, you can use Google SketchUp Pro 7 with his favorite programs. To export and import SketchUp Pro 7 for example DWG DXF formats. In addition, Google SketchUp Pro exports 7 KMZ, DAE -, EPX -, VRML -, PDF -, EPS -, FBX -, OBJ, XSI - and 3DS-Formate. You see: you can use SketchUp Pro 7 with almost any software, and while it doesn't matter what format your favorite program preferable. LayOut 2, the function of the SketchUp professional presentations and multi-page documents can be created from models, is only available in SketchUp.

Features of Google SketchUp Pro 7

• 3D models creation
• 3D export
• 3D models present
• Exporting DWG & DXV etc.
• Importing DWG & DXV etc.
• LayOut 2

What Google SketchUp Pro 7?

A 3D graphics software such as Google SketchUp Pro 7benutzt in various industries. This can be for example in the graphics area for creating 3D for publications in the field of CAD in architecture and also increasingly in the film and computer games industry. Because it is used more often, the today's programs also immensely differ from those from the early days of 3D graphics applications. Google SketchUp Pro 7 is so already a very innovative development.

Description of the version: Google SketchUp Pro

The current version of Google SketchUp Pro can come up with many useful new features. With the enhanced features, it is now possible to customize modeling in professional quality and perfectly to convince in presentations. The development of construction details and process images is now much easier by the simple user interface and the communication to other modelers will be optimally supported by more efficient data transfer.

The main new features of in version 7

• Modeling of geo locations with Google maps
• Aerial photos can be imported into color
• Performance-more photo enhancements possible
• Allow models to refine easier
• enhanced feature sets for additive and subtractive modeling
• new function of the integrated volume calculation

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