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Google SketchUp free the world of 3D opens you so easy like never before.



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Google SketchUp

A radiate - easy to use.

Google SketchUp free is a non-commercial software for creating 3D models with technical focal points. The program for architectural models, furniture, or equipment is suitable particularly well. What distinguishes Google SketchUp free, is its simple and user friendly functioning which can be learned without special expertise.

The way of working with Google SketchUp free mainly confined to define edges and surfaces. Focusing on these two impressive results succeed in even the most inexperienced artists at lightning speed. Various tools of Google SketchUp free allow not only a free work, but also absolute precision, which meets even the most perfectionists. Also the painting of surfaces succeed with Google SketchUp free so just like never before and allow even genuine models. Once you have created several models or whole scenes, you can create your own animations with Google SketchUp free or explore your creation from the person. Should you even get stuck, then a context-sensitive Help menu's with advice and practical assistance. Through a direct connection, free of Google SketchUp and Google Earth without complicated export functions can interact with each other so that you can see your own models in the blink of an eye in Google Earth.

Google SketchUp free is both for all current Windows systems (Windows XP, Vista and 7) as well as for the Apple Mac OSX operating system available. Make your own experiences with Google SketchUp free, and it still provides the download button download. The file is only 42.0 MB in size and it occupies space on your PC. Experience itself, how quickly and easily you can create the first own models.

Google SketchUp free in the overview:

• Easy to learn without knowledge
• Draw and edit edges and faces
• Paint and texturiere your models until it photo-realistic effect
• Absolute precision is child's play
• Explore your own models from the person
• Animate and store your creations

Google SketchUp free is available as a pro version

The paid Pro version offers enhancements in addition to the already stately base features some useful export. A 3D models can be or 2D line drawings as a DXF or DWG file export, but also an export to PDF or EPS format. In addition, yet the export formats 3DS, OBJ, XSI, FBX, VRML and DAE are supported by the Pro version of Google SketchUp free.

Description of the version: Google SketchUp

The current version of Google SketchUp allows you to create great drawings by innovative features and to develop intelligent models. The version can await you with impressive 3D shapes, which you can easily cause from your 2D surfaces through the corresponding detail function. You have also the possibility to form shadow through a simple user interface and a precision about your models, which allows perfect modeling.

The most important innovations of Google SketchUp version 8

• Realize complex extrusions
• Create rotated forms
• Carry out shadow studies
• Use interactive editing function
• Create animations of the views
• Perfect outline for complex models

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