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Google Earth makes a discovery of yourself and provides new perspectives on our world.



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Google Earth

Explore the world from the air and from the ground.

Navigating within Google Earth go by hand with a few mouse clicks and allows you to explore the world with the help of air and satellite imagery, spatial data and a digital elevation model. The different layers of stacked representable cards you can it any - and hide. In addition Google Earth has a search function, which targeted places control can and a measurement tool, to calculate distances. As of version 5.0 Google Earth got bought a GPS integration continue, which was reserved to date only paying users.

Google Earth also includes the modules of Google Sky, Google Ocean, Google Moon, Google Mars and street view. These allow you to explore other aspects of our world and our universe. Google sky opens you to the exploration of our solar system with the help of outer space shots, resulting among other things from the Hubble space telescope. Google Ocean lets dive you into the depths of the oceans down to explore the most remote unexplored areas of the world. Google Moon and Google Mars bring you on the satellites or the outer neighbor of the Earth. With street view, you can finally stroll on the streets of this world. No matter what aspect of Google Earth you are just using, always in addition useful and surprising information on the respective topics delivered you.

In addition, Google Earth includes still extensions such as a Flight Simulator, the location of a Sun - as well as a time travel function. The latter allows you to marvel at historical aerial photographs. A special extra is the building Maker allows Google Earth users to create 3D models of buildings. Google checks it and releases then the best. It aims to collect models of all buildings in the world.

The main elements of Google Earth in the browser

Google Earth: Discover the remotest places on Earth.
• Google Sky: Push forward into the undiscovered depths of space.
• Google Ocean: Dive down into the unexplored trenches of the seas.
• Google Moon: Start your own mission to the moon.
• Google Mars: Search for life on Mars on their own.
• Street view: Wander through the streets of this world.

The development of Google Earth

The 2001 founded company Keyhole Corp. developed the Google Earth precursor known as Keyhole. in 2004, the company Google was bought and renamed. 2006, was followed by the Mac and Linux version. Until the release of version 5.0 that was previously paid additional services plus set Google Earth and replaced with Google Earth Pro, with the films can be created.

Description of the version: Google Earth

The new version of Google Earth 5.2 has even better features than to offer the previous versions. Especially for sports offers the possibility to transfer data such as heart rate, heart rate, speed and altitude from the GPS device to Google Earth. If you are planning your trip, you can then show you statistics with the corresponding data. 5.2 Other improvements from Google Earth are his built in replay mode of a planned tour, as well as an integrated Web browser for more intensive research.

The new features of Google Earth 5.2

• GPS-transmission of data such as heart rate, heart rate, speed and altitude
• Improved replay mode of planned tours
• Integrated Web browser for more information

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