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With the Google Desktop you can find all files even easier on your hard drive.



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Google Desktop

Google Desktop searches all documents, emails, text files, and PDF and multimedia files. For information you may know from the Internet, you can apply the easy search now on your own hard drive.

The feature of Google Desktop is simple and yet very effective. You can browse your entire documents with her. Here, it doesn't matter whether these as text files, PDF, multimedia files or emails are stored. With Google Desktop you find quickly they, without having to search through the folder long. Also, you have the possibility to find news from the Instant Messenger that are stored on your hard drive.

Before you can use this new feature, it is important that your files on the hard drive are indexed. This can take quite a few hours, but then you can use Google Desktop in a matter of seconds. Will you go then on the search for messages from the Instant Messenger or for a particular document, so the Google displays on a Web page, the structure of which will quickly remind you of the online version.

Also, you get a desktop sidebar that shows all newly received E-mails, RSS feeds and other news. You can admire there a slide show of your photos. This list you will find on the right side of your desktop, and you can extend as needed. This feature is a must-have for Google fans. In addition to the German version, it's as English-language release available. You have Linux or Mac OS, you can download another version for those operating systems. Quickly find the own documents, that manage now with the new feature of Google. Who loves the search engine, which should not miss it on your own hard drive.

Description of the version: Google Desktop

With Google Desktop, you are able to browse your hard drive faster and more efficient. It does not matter which format is. Therefore files as text, PDF, or as email can be searched. The operation is done, such as in the online version of the search engine and the result is displayed on a separate Web page. A sidebar on the right side displays the current emails, messages and photos. Similarly, messages from your Instant Messenger can be found.

Features of Google Desktop at a glance

• Versions for Linux and Mac OS available
• ease of use
• Sidebar for RSS feeds, news and photos
• English-language release available
• Search all files, regardless of the format

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