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The smart browser by Google is fast, secure and designed for the modern Web.



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Google Chrome

The Google browser chrome is incredibly fast and secure.

The chrome browser from Google was developed for the modern, fast Web and characterized by a simple, yet beautiful design, is safe and significantly faster than some other browser.

In every way, chrome is built on speed and so it starts with the application itself, because she can be opened in the blink of an eye. Web pages load in a matter of seconds, also Web-apps come quickly on the screen.

If you sign up with the chrome, you have a search history, bookmarks and other settings. Automatically, you're conveniently logged on all Google services.

The chrome browser can be customized. Settings can be improve and Add app, extensions, and themes from the chrome Web store.

When it comes to privacy, chrome is transparent and gives you the ability to decide what information stays private and which are not. Your data to protect chrome supports you actively.

No matter whether phishing, malware or SomethingElse. Chrome provides a comprehensive protection, always waiting with new security updates with updates.

Description of the version: Google Chrome

Version 30: Enhanced image search and new APIs for extensions. Also further improved stability and performance.
Chrome is a faster, easier, and more secure browser that was developed for the modern Web.

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