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Goodnight timer is a super useful tool for all those who like to listen to music in the evening.



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Goodnight Timer

Do you mind too terribly if you're beautiful in the evening in bed, on your PC a little music want to listen and fall asleep, but simply continues the computer? Goodnight timer must no longer happen. The tool helps you your computer to configure that he switches off by itself. Everywhere, on your PC, your notebook or NetBook, you can install Goodnight timer. To let you never wake up from a music playback, which simply went further. You have all possibilities to plan the cut-off behavior of your computer and to specify in detail with Goodnight timer. The tool is very easy, you will want to you immediately to find their way and just get started. So, you just download the little helpers and install it.

If you belong to the people, who prefer to sleep on a good audiobook, then Goodnight timer the perfect tool for you. Goodnight timer adjust so that the program at any given time not just turn off your computer, but slowly takes out the volume. So you can make the transition smoothly and quietly fall asleep.

Goodnight Timer turns off your computer at set times. You must not get back up after the music or audiobook pleasure and go to your computer, to manually perform the shutdown. Goodnight timer will decrease it. The tool is barely a megabyte in size and is installed in a matter of seconds. If you want, you can leave it but also when you shut down the volume and your computer system is not turned off. This is useful if you want to sleep in peace, but the computer to continue working.

Goodnight timer additional features:

• Timer function
• Reduction of volume
• Lead time reduction in the volume set
Linear or exponential decrease volume •
• Start percentage value for volume reduction
• Final percentage for volume reduction

The developers of Goodnight timer

Goodnight timer helpful small program is developed by the company Immortalsoftware. Goodnight timer is available already since 2006 on the market and has since satisfied customers have much to gain. Goodnight timer is free software and can be downloaded free of charge. But also a small donation for the programmer who wants to can be on the site. The program runs on all your Windows machines like Win2000/NT/XP/Vista/7.

Description of the version: Goodnight Timer

With the current version of the Goodnight timer you can sleep a carefree music or radio plays, without to be awakened again by the current PC. In this program you can set previously, when reducing the volume of the audio file and when the computer should be shut down? Here you can enter a fixed time or a period of time such as such as an hour. The program runs now also on Windows 7 and Vista.

Overview of the most important function of the Goodnight timer 1.1

• Volume control of the audio files in freely adjustable period of time.
• Automatic shut down the PC by time delay.
• Linear or exponential weight loss of volume.
• Compatible with Windows 7 and Vista.

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