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The goldfish Aquarium 0.9 offers 12 realistic goldfish species, moving plants and light effects.



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  • Updated: 25.10.2013

Goldfish Aquarium

Enjoy with the screen saver goldfish Aquarium 0.9 12 realistic goldfish species such as in a real home Aquarium. You can add easy Aquarium 0.9 fish with drag and drop in your goldfish. First choose one of four planting areas, then you can put Aquarium 0.9 to the fish in the goldfish. With a new 3D technology, the fish seem very real and genuine. Also, you can admire the impressive soft and authentic movements of 3D fish in the goldfish Aquarium 0.9. You can also change the light. In addition, the water bubbling, and move the plants selected personally by you.

The settings are very simple in the German version. Choose your favorite goldfish varieties with the goldfish Aquarium 0.9, and put them in an aquarium filled with your selected plants. The Aquarium is doing very nicely decorated, and the fish seem bigger and genuine than in other versions. The goldfish Aquarium 0.9 creates a so realistic underwater world, that you'll try to knock if there really is water your monitor.

Aquarium 0.9 you can download here free of charge the goldfish with us. The trial version is available free of charge and can be unlocked for purchase. You can by clicking on the download button to start downloading.

The main features of the goldfish Aquarium 0.9:

• Marvel at 12 different types of goldfish.
• Place 4 different plantings in the Aquarium.
• Admire authentic movements thanks to new 3D technology.
• Keep track of changing light, bubbles and moving plants.
• Use the simple settings in the German version.
• Test the Aquarium free of charge.

The genesis of the goldfish Aquarium 0.9:

The shareware version of Goldfish programmed Arctic Aquarium 0.9 in April 2005 by the developer, with the goal of developing a deceptively real underwater world with realistic types of Goldfish and freely selectable plants. This offers an exciting breaks entertainment the enthusiastic download community and provides variety in everyday screensaver. With a new 3D technology, the developer provided for ultra realistic movements and big fish. Meanwhile, reaches goldfish Aquarium 0.9 in version 2.0 and is constantly evolving. The latest version was made available on October 30th, 2008 for download and provides more realistic goldfish fun on the computer. Also with the more primordial version of Goldfish Aquarium 0.9, there are already exciting break in almost real water.

Description of the version: Goldfish Aquarium

The screen saver goldfish Aquarium turns your desktop in no time into a deceptively real underwater world. The Aquarium contains four new colorful, lifelike fish. Reflections create a cosy atmosphere in your rooms. In addition to the goldfish and plantings, you can choose between three different aquariums in the new and choose, for example, one with a gravel bottom and much water bubbling or one with rich, moving plants life depending on the request.

The screen protector goldfish Aquarium creates evocative atmosphere

• Get four new realistic goldfish on the desktop.
• Create a cosy atmosphere in your rooms with light reflections.
• Choose from three aquariums.

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