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If you want to be free of advertising in the Internet on the move helps the GoZilla AdMuncher.



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Go!Zilla AdMuncher

If you belong to the Internet users, which is annoyed by the constant commercials, then the GoZilla AdMuncher could be just the thing for you. He frees your screen from annoying advertising and replaced a small tip "Munched" banner, Werbefester and the like. The English word "to munch" is so much like Munch or some noisily Chew - and as you can imagine pictorially the thing: like the cookie monster cookies, so GoZilla AdMuncher devoted of the ads.

The GoZilla AdMuncher recognizes at typical screen sizes or HTML commands, that there is a floater, and hides it for you. Also programs financed by advertising, such as for example ICQ, Opera, and Morpheus you get ad-free offered with the GoZilla AdMuncher. Particularly annoying pop-up window that opens automatically when you visit Web pages are common. The GoZilla AdMuncher also has more for you not an issue: the program prevents the pop ups just the "pop-up".

But the GoZilla AdMuncher can do even more: If you want to, he suppresses IP addresses or even the annoying music, played on some Web pages without prompting for you. The GoZilla AdMuncher finally really got your rest and can surf in the network. Flash ads and script ads have no chance at the GoZilla AdMuncher. The GoZilla AdMuncher makes no great demands on your computer and can be used with all popular Internet browsers.

GoZilla AdMuncher - the most important functions at a glance

• Detection and suppression of advertising
• Suppression of pop ups
• Compatible with all popular browsers
• Ad-free software
• Shareware
• Easy download

GoZilla AdMuncher - useful information and download instructions

The GoZilla AdMuncher helps you to bypass unwanted advertising and even completely free of advertising. Against spyware or viruses you need have no fear. The program runs in the background and makes his work reliably, but to do this you will need to download it first. You can do this with us, free of charge. Simply press on the button "Download" and follow the instructions of the installation wizard. You need at least Windows 95 as the operating system. The software has a size of 173 KB. If you have installed everything, you can already get started and completely without advertisements surf through the vast expanses of the network.

Description of the version: Go!Zilla AdMuncher

The AdMuncher version 4.81 offers you a useful tool to prevent ads and pop-ups while Internet surfing. The latest version was written in a language that is more stable and faster, so that you now have less problems with the software and occasional bugs. Also, running the new version on all current browsers and also works on the new Windows 7.

The most important innovations by AdMuncher version 4.81:

• Changing the language the program runs more stable and safer.
• Have been largely eliminated bugs and errors.
• Also compatible with Windows 7 and all current browser.

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