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GNU Backgammon is an exciting game and helps you to improve your skill level.



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GNU Backgammon

Play the classic game on your home computer, you can watch the popular freeware version of GNU Backgammon download. Compete against real players or a virtual opponent and let your tiles as quickly as possible on the Board walk to pick up the victory.

The free download version of GNU Backgammon is a very advanced software and one of the Favorites for fans of the famous board game. The fun is increased as a result that you can compete in multiplayer mode against your friends. For the computer opponent, you must be already prepared and bring a lot of game experience. Because the software uses the principle of neural networks, this opponent is indeed particularly spielstark and learns from its mistakes of any matches. In addition, he developed certain tactics to try to throw you out of the race. But also even with the analysis feature of GNU you Backgammon can, again look at your games and constantly to improve you.

To GNU Backgammon right now to get on your computer and start the first matches, you simply click on the download button. After installing the user interface shows you, where you can make various settings according to your preferences. About the game in a 3-D look way to start and select the length of the match. A particularly useful feature is the tutor mode, which during the game observes your moves and judged them. In addition the freeware offers you many more tools, so you manage your games under certain criteria evaluate can.

GNU Backgammon there is for each operating system in a different version, so you can download the appropriate software for Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X. Because it is a program that optimizes time and again worth the regular update on your PC.

Description of the version: GNU Backgammon

Significant improvements have been made with regard to the user interface so that now even more options available to you, to make your game. Also, the graphics and thus the gameplay has been improved visibly. The latest version also has the advantage, that you can watch your games in retrospect once again friends. Click to download the match file and the current GNU easy Backgammon recognizes independently, what file format should be selected for that play your matches.

Improvements of the new version of GNU Backgammon 0.90

• Auto detect of the format for match records
• User-friendly interface
• More game features to choose manually
• Enhanced graphics for real board game-flair
• Spielstärkerer computer opponents

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