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The plugin GML matting for several photo programs accurately cut even complicated objects.



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GML Matting

GML matting is a plugin that can engage in various image editing programs. It enables fast, simple and accurate cutting of complex objects from a photo.

For photo edits of various kinds, often individual objects from the image must be cut. Would you create a collage, for example, it is clearly high quality when merge the images without any flashy interfaces. Or however you want to transport a person, an animal, or an object in a different environment. Only if they are seamlessly inserted, a convincing effect can occur.

In conventional image editing programs, it is often the case that cutting out objects presents itself as a more difficult process. In very simple programs, to paint after the lines by hand what will usually not cause tedious legwork perfect results. Other programs offer you a magic wand tool, which detects the lines of simple objects and self marked and cuts. But the contours are complex, usually not more reliably even such tools, and details such as hair must be traced by hand.

The solution brings you the plugin GML matting to cut out more complicated objects. This paint you just the concerned and with a slider to set the tolerance values. To find out more you need not worry, because the digital gap by GML matting itself detects the edges and can cut even the finest structures. Is the image from its context and can be inserted in any photo collage or any any other background. For real photo artists and creative minds offers a unique addition to GML matting and enables high-quality photo montages.

Description of the version: GML Matting

The latest version of GML matting features an even higher quality and functionality. Corrected incorrect settings and the user experience is optimized. While you can lie back, the plugin recognizes the structures now more precisely than before, so that you can cut even the smallest detail and paste it into a new image. GML matting 0.3 is compatible with win 2000, win XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, and consumes very little space on the hard drive with 2.0 MB.

The features of the new version GML matting 0.3

• Optimized operation and functionality
• Still image quality
• Extremely simple image editing
• Compatible with win 2000, win XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7
• Compact size of 2.0 MB

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