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GMER scans your system for dangerous rootkits and remove them promptly.



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The tool GMER scans your PC for known as rootkits, which can also be a gateway for viruses. Rootkits made changes to your system, this can be undone by gmer.

Rootkits are a particularly insidious threat to the security of your system: using viruses nest deep in your computer system and cause damage out of hiding out. The little security utility GMER is specialized in thoroughly to search your system for these potentially harmful processes and to detect any damage already caused. Then you can quickly remove the found threats. Especially handy on GMER is that the program without installation can be used. In an emergency it can be started, for example, directly from an external drive such as a USB flash drive.

The user interface by GMER clearly shows the basic functions of the program. After opening, you choose which drives should be crawled after existing rootkits. Did you set your desired settings, you can go: the tool scans running processes as well as hidden registry keys, files and modules - no hiding place is safe from gmer. The result of the search is then displayed including all relevant information in the main window of the program. You can promptly remove detected rootkits using the tool to ward off the danger. GMER can also detect whether already a system change was carried out by a rootkit, and, if necessary, again undo these -, issued a warning note at the end of the search. Thus, GMER is a really handy tool if you want to keep your system clean and above all safe.

Description of the version: Gmer

Now, you can download GMER version 1.0.15 to take advantage of the most recent changes. The programmers have again revised the scanning process, to preserve the memory and to deliver faster results. Also the scan of the operating system kernel (kernel) has been improved to detect whether settle rootkits there and make changes to the code. If you want to also continue to reliably protect your system, you can recommend only download of this new version of gmer.

GMER version 1.0.15 offers these new features

• Revised scanning of files for better functionality
• Improvement of the kernel scans, to detect attacks on the core
• More new features, improvements and bug fixes

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