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GL Tron motorcycle racing requires quick reactions and is not for the faint of heart.



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GL Tron is simple to understand the gameplay, but only through quick reactions to dominate. As in the Disney-movie classic "Tron" from 1982, you move in a 3D arena on a motorcycle of the future - so-called "light Renner" - and hustle up to three real opponents. If no human rivals available to you, you can play against up to three computer opponents. Controlling your Lightcycles are optionally via mouse, keyboard, or joystick. You choose the background music by simply copying your favorite songs as MP3, WAV or Ogg files in the GL Tron Music directory.

All GL Tron pull a Lightcycle behind driver. The Lightcycle represents an insurmountable wall. If you or one of your GL Tron touch rivals this wall, it comes to the crash and the player is eliminated. Also the edges of the arena should not be touched, the players would also be eliminated. In the course of the game, the increasingly more dense walls are problematic, a small map on the screen helps you therefore to keep track. You want to turn, this always happens in 90-degree angles. Succeeds in a GL Tron friends include rival in the walls, you turn it off it. The player who the longest can prevail against the competition has won.

You can download motorcycle racing the GL Tron with us easily and free of charge. To start the download, simply click the download button. The data file is 3.7 MB in size.

GL Tron features

• Up to three real or computer opponents.
• Sharing the screen in up to four areas.
• A mix of real and computer opponents.
• Two arenas with separately adjustable size.
• Two perspectives can be selected.
• The speed of the game can be varied.

GL Tron history and system requirements

It anticipated that the GL Tron motorcycle racing has been a good decade under his belt, only to the graphic. The game is also in the latest version (GL Tron 0.70) still a nerve-racking classic and has lost none of their charm. The menu is in English, but lightweight and easy to use. GL Tron runs on Windows 95, 98, me, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, and 7. Also Linux, Mac OS and Mac OS X. To get the graphics in an ordinary quality, you need an OpenGL compatible 3D graphics. The resolution can be set up on 1024 by 768 points. The author of GL Tron, Andreas Umbach, has announced to build a LAN mode in the next version, so that the multiplayer game will be more comfortable.

Description of the version: GLtron

The new version of GLtron brings more improvements for the game based on the film. In addition to functional improvements that lead to the stability and less bugs, primarily new supports for current operating systems have been implemented. For Windows environments, there is a simple installer, so you have to run the exe file. For Linux, there is a source distribution and a binary version for Mac also a binary file.

The most important innovations in GLtron 0.70

• For win 32, Linux and Mac OS X
• Installer for Windows
• Source distribution and binary version for Linux
• Binary version for MacOS X.
• Do not support binary for Mac OS 9 available

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