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Glest is a real-time strategy game with a fantasy character and great 3-D effects.



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Glest is set in a fantasy world, which has medieval trains. Two groups, the magicians and the technicians are in dispute and fight each other. As a player, you can choose which group you want to include, and then compete against the other. Mages have of course special powers and can use such as Dragon. As technicians or Knight you accordingly worldly possessions such as weapons or horses available. Another option you have in Glest is the choice between playing in the real time mode or without. You fight either against the computer or play with other players or against other players at the same time. Glest is also in real time to play, what drives the gameplay and therefore well structured the story. The 3-D graphics belongs but now most games with de rigueur, she should nevertheless be mentioned as in Glest, great attention to detail has been applied. Thus, you have the opportunity to see your or other game characters from different perspectives.

At the beginning of Glest, you see your friends available units and objects as players on a map. The units, which can develop in the course of the game through additional properties, to serve you to the procurement of resources and on the other hand of course to fight against other units. As already mentioned, Glest can also be played in real time. You can ally yourself with other players and compete together against the hostile opponents. This can measure his own abilities with those of others and thereby improved.

Glest is a free computer game, you can download easily and quickly here. Simply click on the download button to start downloading Glest.

What makes Glest so special?

• Free download
• Play in real time
• Excellent graphic
• 3 D effects
• Multiple game prospects
• News and updates on the homepage available

The new edition of Glest

Glest has been developed some years ago and has received an award as the best game even in 2004. 2009 was released the new edition, where it can be seen that the technique much has happened. The raised 3-D effects requires a graphics card with OpenGL support. Glest is available not only for Windows, but also for the Linux operating system, which makes the game accessible yet several users.

Description of the version: Glest

The new version of Glest brings above all changes and improvements the game control and the key bindings which make easier and more comfortable playing for you. In particular, the functions and the camera control have been revised and reprogrammed. The support of different graphics cards was improved so that the program runs much smoother and smoother. Also the tools with which you can change the Glest engine, were revised and improved in many ways.

Features of the current version of Glest 3.2.2

• New and improved camera control and operation
• Partially revised and new keyboard layout
• Improved support for different video cards
• Revised tools of the Glest engine

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