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Glary Utilities free your PC safely by junk data and increased his speed.



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Glary Utilities

Whenever you download anything from the Internet, play online or visit interactive pages, entries in the registry files on your PC take place. The temporarily stored files multiply constantly, by the many advertising campaigns, called, not to mention SPAM. You have the opportunity to clean up your PC thoroughly and to do so free of charge with Glary Utilities. You can download the program as freeware. After installing Glary Utilities, you specify what problems will be examined and eliminated.

Glary Utilities offers you several options. You can clean your registry. In addition, the program regularly checks your Startup menu and removes old entries. Unneeded temporary files are deleted. Thus, Glary Utilities gives you more storage space again. Furthermore, Glary Utilities searches your PC for duplicate files, empty folders, and other things that take up space unnecessarily. The program automatically deletes unwanted entries that fall into the SPAM section, if you select this function. Such a thorough cleaning of your computer with Glary Utilities causes, that increases the speed significantly. Furthermore, Glary Utilities also offers the option, to delete traces on the net, that you left behind in the use of Internet Explorer or Firefox, you. A shredder is integrated in Glary Utilities, guarantees absolute data security in all these operations.

Glary Utilities you open with a double-click on the icon. In the window that now opens, you can determine what search you want to run the program. When the search is finished, Glary Utilities immediately displays you, areas in which how many problems have been found. You may have to show you more specific details. If you now click "Troubleshooting" button, the program cleans your computer and free him useless and sometimes harmful files. To on your PC to get this helpful tool, you must now just press on the button "Download" and follow the installation instructions.

The features of Glary Utilities

• Cleaning the registry
• Review of the auto-start menu
• Delete temporary files
• Elimination of traces of Internet Explorer and Firefox
• integrated shredder
• Elimination of SPAM

System requirements and download

Glary Utilities designed for the operating systems Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. The download size is 6 megabytes. The program belongs in the category system-cleaner. The program is available for private users as a free download. If you want to use it but commercially, you need the paid "PRO" version of the program.

Description of the version: Glary Utilities

Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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