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With portable GIMP you can edit your projects from your own hard drive on any PC.



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GIMP Portable

GIMP stands for "GNU image manipulation program" and is considered the only alternative to the graphic reference of Photoshop for years. The key advantage of GIMP: It is completely free. Portable GIMP is the software now also in a special version for mobile users. This means that you, if you have installed GIMP portable on your external hard drive, your USB-stick or your iPod, for example, at any time can use it on any computer, without having to install the program again. All necessary data are installed is intended solely and exclusively on which you drive.

The functionality of portable GIMP is so extensive that it only can be touched on: essentially is that portable GIMP can do all this, what you could also do with Photoshop. Especially the user interface of portable GIMP is the biggest difference to the expensive version. Otherwise can you also in portable GIMP with different levels of texts, work, depending on which fonts you have installed, in every possible way edit or alter your graphics with the built-in effects. You can save all of the graphics you create with portable GIMP not only in the common formats of ".tiff", ".jpg", ".gif" and ".bmp", but also in the GIMP's own "XCF", which can be used for complex work. Portable GIMP you so is a powerful and professional alternative to the commercial competition available.

One is not spared the users of GIMP, Photoshop and co. remain: the operation of the software requires some time training. Luckily, a very clear step for step guide exists on the GIMP homepage for portable GIMP will sure help you get started. If you should have worked previously with Photoshop, you can also simply the free "GIMP portable Photoshop layout"-install plug-in that simulates the well-known Photoshop interface.

Some of the many features of portable GIMP:

• Professional working with layers and paths.
• Installed numerous effects.
• Plug-in the available free of charge.
• Mobility by installing on your external hard drive, USB stick or iPod.
• Import of the graphics in all popular formats.
• Free download and use.

What you should know about portable GIMP

Portable GIMP is part of the so-called "GNU project", which aims to create a completely free alternative to the UNIX operating system. GIMP has been since in January 1996 several times updated its initial release as Windows, GNU/Linux-, UNIX and MacOS version available and has a large, global community of users.

Description of the version: GIMP Portable

The latest update from 2.6.11 of the open source graphics program GIMP, and that its portable equivalent is confined to various bug fixes and compatibility works and thus offers you a more stable work. The latest version supports printing with the Cairo library in version 1.10 various improvements by processes working in the background of the GIMP 2.6.11 optimize the functioning of the graphics program and stability, of which the user noticed but hardly anything.

GIMP portable 2.6.11, even more stable and more powerful

• Various errors in the interface of the program have been fixed.
• GIMP supports also printing with the Cairo library version 1.10.
• More stable work with the new version.

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