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Top collection: GIMP plug-in the offers a collection of the best tools for the creative image processing



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Top collection: GIMP plug-in the offers you a huge selection of practical, creative and unusual tools to make the image editing with GIMP even easier. Nothing in the way is the realization of photo ideas.

The open source alternative to Photoshop has been continually evolving since the release of version 1.0 in 1998. GIMP image stands for GNU manipulation program, and it offers a wealth of image editing options, need not to fear the comparison with Photoshop users. As with Photoshop there too on the GIMP again new plug-in, that extend the functionality of useful, creative and unconventional new ideas. With the top collection: GIMP plug-in-in the friends is a compilation of the best plug-in the for GIMP available, so that no limit to your imagination and creativity when editing your digital photos.

Here are just a few examples of the GIMP_Plug contained in this collection-in the: with the tool "GIMP paint Studio" you can extend the range of tools of the GIMP to many brushes and effects. For those who often forget the store when working, there are "top collection: GIMP plug-in the" remedy: with the "backup" - plug - in you can set an automatic backup of the currently processed photos should occur at what time intervals. With "Image Subdivide", you can simply cut photos into any number of rows and columns. For those who already are accustomed to Photoshop, but want to continue working with GIMP, offers the "GIMPshop" - plug - in the ideal solution: this tool adjusts the UI visually and by the structure the interface of Photoshop so manage the transition without a long transition phase. If you want to publish your photos on the Internet, but at the same time put value to identify your authorship, you can with the "watermark" - plug - in a unique watermark will create, where you can determine the parameter font, color, size, opacity and position itself.

This was only a small taste of the possibilities, is friends with the GIMP plug-in-in the offer. With us, you can "Download" the top collection: GIMP plug-in the free download and discover the new creative possibilities. What are you waiting for?

Description of the version: GIMP-Plug-ins

With this top collection: GIMP plug-in-in the a new compilation of proven and innovative image editing tools are available, which make the pleasure working with GIMP is the user: whether it comes to Visual effects like approximately at the "national geographic" - plug - in, that mimics the familiar look of the eponymous magazine and Dokukanals or rather useful tools such as the "backup" - plug-in, can - be used to set the auto-save currently processed photos image editing makes this GIMP plug-in - in the simple fun.

GIMP plug-in the: a variety of tools in this top collection

• Quick sketch: a profession Nell-looking drawing makes any image in the blink of an eye
• Backup: changes were not in vain
• Texturize: Generate arbitrarily large textures
• Watermark: the author shines through it

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