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  • Windows 2.8.10 | 2.8.8 | 2.8.6
  • MAC 2.8.4

GIMP offers features for image editing, such as selection and marking functions.



  • License: Freeware
  • Downloads: 9.050
  • Updated: 03.12.2013


The image manipulation program GIMP is easy to use. The menu is clearly designed and allows also PC novice, to orient themselves and to grasp the possibilities of image quickly.

Are no limits in your imagination: In the GIMP, you can not only cut to an image, but almost any change. There are for example 48 different types of brushes, with which you can edit the image file. You can create more brush and you can adjust also the edge sharpness and opacity parameters at each brush themselves. With the GIMP, you can open various file formats and edit that the compatibility of the program is very high. It also has good selection and marking functions. You can select areas according to their shapes, colors, or the intensity of the colour of the edges.

The color palette of the image editing software GIMP is very extensive. Includes the CMYK color spaces, RGB, HSV, and you have also the possibility to remove colors from an image directly. If you do not know something, you can read in the built-in user's Guide or the online help. Two features will explain in detail the functions of the program and you will find specific instructions. The graphics program GIMP is suitable both for newcomers in terms of image processing, and for professionals who already have much expertise. GIMP is compatible with Linux, Mac OS X and Windows operating systems.

With us, you can download GIMP. That's easy: click the button "Download" and the program is already installed on your PC. The installation wizard will take you through the entire process and tells you what to do.

Other features of the GIMP:

• No limits - GIMP you can use for almost all types of file.
GIMP offers you numerous selection and marking functions.
• Cut images and turn them at will.
• Change the colors of the images as desired.
• Using the many tools you can edit images after heart desire: including mirror, scale, spruhen, and erase.
• No problem - use the extensive help functions

The history of the image editing program GIMP

GIMP stands for the name "General image manipulation program". The software was released under this for the first time in January 1996 as a trial. Since then, GIMP has been constantly evolving and adapted to the requirements of modern digital imaging. The version 2.6 was released in October 2008 and in December 2010, an optimized version is to be published again by GIMP.

Description of the version: GIMP

With the new version GIMP 2.6.11 your image files can now even easier to edit, such as rotate, crop and change image spaces. The version 2.6.11 offers a streamlined user interface, because a permanent picture window was implemented. In this way, you can manage the Windows easier. GIMP 2.6.11 Linux and Windows and MC OS X is compatible with the operating system and the download works quickly and easily.

The most important to the new version GIMP 2.6.11:

• numerous features for image editing
• available in multiple languages
• compatible with the operating systems Windows, Linus and MC OS X.
• faster download (28.5 MB)
• Permanent image window

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