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  • Windows 2.7.A

GhostWriter is a practical writing help for repetitive text passages.



  • License: Freeware
  • Downloads: 314
  • Updated: 26.10.2013


If you look at your correspondence, you'll find that greeting formulas, addresses, bank details, etc ever again. Registrations and identifications, you use same passwords again and again. You can automate these passages with ghostwriter. This practical writing help manage any texts or text blocks and inserts it on request in any application. Thereby the handling of the program is very straightforward. You've got ghostwriter via an icon in your task bar. With one click, a popup menu is displayed and shows you which text blocks in Ghostwriters are stored. Click the text that you want to insert. A further click with the cursor at the position where the text you want to appear, and the software does the typing for you. You can use the texts from ghostwriter in text processing, in your E-Mail account or through your Web browser. You have also the possibility to program a keyboard shortcut to open the text block selection of ghostwriter.

GhostWriter is not only able to submit simple texts. Also the control keys such as enter or tab are inserted. So, you can fill out complete forms with this program. This can be useful especially for online orders because here match the requirements for the information on the form. You can automate even user registrations or repetitive user login dialogs of ghostwriter. The installation of new text blocks in ghostwriter is simple and fast. Clicking on the icon of your new writing help and choose the menu item "Open". By clicking on the "New" tab opens a window in which you first specify the name, the ghostwriter is to save the new entry. With the function "Edit", you can now create your text and save. He automatically inserted into the existing text blocks and will be displayed in the selection.

If you want to try ghostwriter, you can download the program by clicking on the download button from the Internet. The program is free for home users.

The peculiarities of GhostWriter

• easy control
• System tray icon
• Programming of the buttons possible
• Applied control characters
• your own blocks of text
• Form fill

System requirements and download

GhostWriter is designed for the Windows operating systems Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista. The download file size is 3.46 megabyte.

Description of the version: Ghostwriter

The latest version of the ghost writer software makes it you now even easier blocks of text such as account data, addresses and greetings that you always write to insert simply click in emails and text documents. The new encryption technology for passwords secures your personal information, and allows a good overview at any time. With the placeholders for dynamic text blocks, you can paste now also data and name just click.

The most important functions of the ghostwriter 2.7.A software

• Better overview of functions
• New setting options
• More user friendliness with detailed instructions
• More secure encryption of passwords and security questions
• New placeholders for dynamic text modules

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