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GetDataBack for FAT offers a chance for data recovery with its ease of use.



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The failure of a hard disk is just annoying in most cases. When you have a current backup and no data has been lost. You have no other hard drive handy, takes the restore a little longer, because the hard disk must be only concerned and incorporated. But then everything should vote again. It gets worse if you have no back-up, because then threatens the loss of all data saved on the hard disk. But there are GetDataBack for FAT, which can perform the data recovery for your Windows computer to your happiness.

What error should have meant always that your data are no longer accessible, GetDataBack for FAT can fix it. And this even if the hard drive is no longer recognized by the operating system. Through appropriate algorithms the program can restore just the directory structure of your hard drive, as it was before the crash. And also long file names be restored faithfully, so that the structures recovered with GetDataBack for FAT look exactly like before the crash.

The functioning of GetDataBack for FAT is designed for safety, so that the program performs no writing, but only read access to your damaged hard drive. GetDataBack for FAT only read out the corrupted data and transfer to another disk. Do not try to bring your data on the damaged disk back into a readable form. The ease of use of GetDataBack for FAT makes it possible to apply the software there also any normal computer users here. Data recovery with GetDataBack for FAT is so to speak in the do-it yourselfers proceedings without the assistance of external experts. The recovered data you can on another drive in store or secure in the networking over a LAN. You need to make sure that the new disk provides enough space for the recovered data, because it creates almost a copy of the hard drive GetDataBack for FAT.

Features of GetDataBack for FAT:

• Data recovery on Windows
•For FAT 16/32 and NTFS available
• Ease of use
• Recovery in 3 steps
• Free demo and free updates after purchase
• For Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista or Windows 7

About GetDataBack for FAT

The software GetDataBack for FAT of American runtime software is just one of the solutions that deal with data recovery and restoration. In addition to GetDataBack for FAT for the Windows FAT file system, the company offers solutions for other operating systems. In addition to individual hard drives, systems can be restored also RAID.

Description of the version: GetDataBack

The version 4.01 waives the addition "for FAT" in the program name. It is suitable also for NTFS systems. Thus, the recovery software covers the new Windows operating systems Windows Vista and Windows 7. The new version of the software also allows you to create an image file of a physical drive. Thus, a disk mirroring in a few easy steps is possible. The image file should not be stored on the drive where recovery occurs.

The new features of the recovery software GetDataBack

• Choice between FAT and NTFS
• Suitable for Windows Vista and Windows 7
• Create an image file from a physical drive
• Disk mirroring in a few steps
• Vice for the network application

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