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The GeoRuler 1.01 is a reliable software to measure the distance between two points.



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The GeoRuler 1.01 is ready, always there to help, where it concerns the determination of distances. Whether at work, at leisure activities or your hobby - the GeoRuler 1.01 is available. You are planning a long car ride, such as the arrival to the destination or possibly an important professional appointment in another city, you want to know of course in time before the exact length. The GeoRuler 1.01 will decrease reliably this task. Next to the route also the approximate petrol or diesel demand is for the drive and last but not least, the travel time to plan. Nothing is worse than to overestimate himself at this seeming trivialities. The GeoRuler 1.01 is an important tool that you should not without. This software is really easy to use, of course for every PC novice. The GeoRuler 1.01 is straightforward and easy user friendly.

The software for the GeoRuler can free 1.01 and also checked for viruses from the Internet are downloaded. But it is important that your computer has a particular operating system, such as Microsoft Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Vista. The GeoRuler 1.01 was created in the German language.

Without exception, you can use all available land or road maps for the determination of distances. The GeoRuler 1.01 grabs this prerequisite for the work of the GeoRuler 1.01 is that you initially investigating the scale of each map or road map. You can also adjust the software exactly on the respective scale. Then you drive along the relevant line on the virtual map from point A via pointer to point B. The GeoRuler 1.01 immediately and correct the distance between A and B in kilometers indicates no matter whether it is short or long distances. Without GeoRuler 1.01, your measurements would be very inaccurate. The time would also a lot higher. Time saving is important nowadays, therefore 1.01 download be sure the GeoRuler from the Internet.

Important information

• Ease of use
• To determine distances
• Fast and accurate
You can download software from the Internet •
• Some Microsoft operating systems will be provided
• Reliable

New version

In the Internet, the software GeoRuler is already referenced on the new version 1.02. That sounds good, because of course just a tad bit further developed software is user-friendly

Description of the version: GeoRuler

GeoRuler 1.01 is a small software which you can use to compute distances. You can use any card from the Internet, or a scanned map. First, you need to determine the scale by means of a scale or a known route. Then, you can simply highlight point to inventories by dragging with the mouse and read off the distance between the two points in kilometers.

The functioning of GeoRuler 1.01 at a glance

• Distances on any any card can be detected.
• Find the scale by means of a scale or a fixed line.
• Mark the desired track with the mouse.
• Immediately specified distance in kilometers.

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