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GeoGebra is a very competent tutors in terms of mathematics.



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The mathematics program GeoGebra combines algebra, geometry, statistics, and analysis and is suitable not only for students. The programme as well as for students and all those interested is recommended.

The GeoGebra program distinguishes itself above all through a simple operation. In the meantime, you can rediscover the mathematics in a different way. For example, you can construct triangles or make alive also geometric illustrations or figures. In the algebra window is the ability to examine equations and coordinates. Linear functions over a slider are so tangible for you. Vectors can be easily in analytic geometry. In addition, you can construct also conics. Even the often difficult calculus is made understandable through dynamic lower and upper sums. The program GeoGebra allows you so calculating with numbers, points, vectors and provides derivatives and integrals of functions you also. Also in hindsight can be all yet your calculations.

GeoGebra offers many useful features. In part, these are from the springs of different teachers. So for example a clear toolbar available, as well as a slider for angle and also suits you. Add photos and images will be made possible here. In addition, you can also scale print out your work or export. GeoGebra is the perfect virtual tutor and will help you with homework or exam preparations. But also for those interested in mathematics, GeoGebra is a challenge. You get a full and exciting experiment box here for the areas of mathematics algebra, geometry, statistics, and analysis.

Description of the version: GeoGebra

The GeoGebra program will help you with homework, exams and trained you in the areas of mathematics, algebra, geometry, statistics, and analysis. In the new version, a new toolbar available suits you now. Also the operation of the program is considerably simplified. In addition to the new sliders, angle and figures exist now also an automatic local line as well as an axis scale and also a setting of the drawing page. Also the insertion of photos and images, as well as printing and exporting is no problem.

New features in the program GeoGebra

• New toolbar for easy operation
• Slider for angle and even numbers
• Add photos and images
• Appearance of semicircles, sectors and bows
• Many new geometric figures
• Simple export and printing

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