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The salary Planner 2010 professional: reliably calculate salary, pension and severance pay.



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Who takes a new job, usually like to want to calculate how high the future content fails and what remains after the deduction of taxes and social security contributions. The salary Planner 2010 Professional includes Lohnsteuertabellen and salary calculator for the years 1996 to 2010 and supports you in the calculation of your net salary. Regularly updated it reliably calculated the duties, such as health and social security. The content planners considered professional 2010 also one-off payments and other remuneration. For professionals the content Scheduler suitable 2010 professional: he calculated, inter alia, what to expect during the hiring you as an employer.

The content scheduler also has a retirement planner that allows you to estimate the future pension 2010 professional and determine yields. In addition, the content Scheduler provides a Riester calculator that supports you in the private old-age provision 2010 professional. 2010 Professional content Scheduler user interface is open and allows easy operation of the program. The graphical visualization of content Planner reveals 2010 professional at a glance you, what is you by the gross salary and how affects the retirement.

The salary Planner 2010 Professional helps you besides the choice of the control classes. Many couples face the question of what tax brackets affect preferred. Here the salary calculator helps professional 2010: simply enter the gross salaries of both marriage partners, and already shows the content Planner 2010 Professional on how the combinations affect the salary. So, everyone soon finds the correct tax class. You right here the shareware version of content planners 2010 professional download and convince yourself of the functionality of this program!

Salary Planner 2010 professional - system requirements and functionality:

• Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit), Vista (32 bit and 64 bit) or older
• Salary calculator
• Pension planner
• Lohnsteuertabellen
• Tax class choice
• Severance pay calculator

The salary Planner 2010 professional - who's behind it?

The métier 2000 Softwareentwicklung GmbH specialises in consumer software and specialized business software. Their programs are used by human resources departments and wage accounting major corporations. In addition, profession developed 2000 many online applications, such as salary or pension calculator, used by major publishers. Métier 2000 software often appears under the label of other brands.

Description of the version: Gehaltsplaner

With the new version of the content Scheduler you can do in addition to the well-known gross net wage calculator now also a comparison of tax from 1996 to 2011. The new version also features a severance pay calculator. Interesting machine, like for example the pension calculator, retirement Estimator and a Riester calculator were also integrated into the new version. Current Lohnsteuertabellen and a Steuerklassenoptimierer are friends in this version available.

The most important functions of the salary Planner 2011

• Comparison of tax from 1996 to 2010
• Integration of different calculator, such as for example pension calculator, Riester calculator, retirement estimator
• current Lohnsteuertabellen
• graphical visualization of all data entered

geldplanung software Gehaltsplaner 2010 Professional gehalts-und-finanzplaner-pro

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