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gCAD3D is a free CAD program to easily create of three-dimensional models.



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gCAD3D is a Windows program that reminds a Linux application with its user interface. So, you have to use individual tools or functions with keyboard shortcuts for example in this CAD program. Toolbars, as you know it from other applications, are not present in gCAD3D. So, this free CAD application requires a little training. gCAD3D provides all the basic tools you need for modeling in 3D. The integrated 3D-OpenGL-Betrachter easier Visual representation and export your customized design models in many different formats.

gCAD3D offers you a whole range of sample models so that you can know the work environment better and easier use. The program is able to make geometric models of any kind. The program has an integrated NC processor and a program interface for additional plug-in the. The program interpreter simplifies the geometry and machining in 3D. You can add any textures with gCAD3D each object and then save the items in the format you desire. If you value it, gCAD3D can create also VRML files. The texture Editor allows you move and zoom using your mouse. Object-specific menus you can simply dazzle you with the right mouse button. In the startup script, you can choose the storage directories and print all with gCAD3D. It also works with a network printer. The work environment of gCAD3D takes some getting due to the unusual menu, it is so useful to read the built-in help catalog. If you made familiar with the use of gCAD3D, a comfortable development environment for your models available suits you.

If you want the free CAD software to create 3D models on your computer, you just click on the download button. A wizard will guide you step by step through the installation process. The use of gCAD3D is neither timed nor functionally restricted and you can start already after a few minutes with the construction of your first 3D model.

The functions of gCAD3D

• Integrated 3D-OpenGL-Viewer
• Integrated NC processor
• Menu-driven program
• Export to different file formats
• Different sample models
• Extensive help function

System requirements and download

You can apply gCAD3D under the Windows operating system, Windows XP. The download size of the free software is 3.7 megabytes and represents no strain on your system resources.

Description of the version: gCAD3D

The current version of gCAD3D can come up with some interesting new features and now offers you the possibility to transform imported drawings immediately in an interactive 3D interface with a built-in program interpreter. The preparation of files is now programmatically, which you will get more functionality. Of course, the generation of geometry is offered through the improved NC program code and is now even more efficient and faster through a revision.

The most important innovations in the current version of gCAD3D

• Integrated program interpreter for the automatic upgrading of imports
• Generating its own command texts possible
• Integrated 3D-OpenGL-Viewer for OpenSource
• Program interface for plugins and Add-ons now optimized

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