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Gavotte ramdisk allows you to take advantage of excess memory as a virtual drive.



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Gavotte RamDisk

More and more computers are supplied with a memory of 4 gigabytes or more. The least systems can use this memory but effective because nu can be accessed by the 64-bit versions on such a large memory. Gavotte RamDisk changes that.

With the purchase of a new computer, it is often cheaper to access completed together hardware components, even if they cannot be used by the software. For this reason, many users have a memory of 4 gigabytes or more, without access to. If it similar to you, gavotte RamDisk is exactly the right tool for you.

Gavotte RamDisk cannot transform although your 32-bit system in a 64-bit system, but it can use the previously unused memory makes sense. Gavotte RamDisk created a virtual disk that can be used by your system as a physical store in the excess gigabyte memory. For example, you can use this space to see liquid ­Streams and other online offerings. Because this data anyway, not permanently stored, evaporates is also the disadvantage that the memory is emptied as soon as the power supply under smelled. You can use the short-termism of the drive created by gavotte RamDisk to your advantage. For example your browser set so, that all temporary files, cookies, are stored here. ­Deine history is clean again as the day at your next meeting. If you value on your privacy, gavotte RamDisk so can be a huge help. Paging files, which creates Windows just where memory, can still be stored with gavotte RamDisk in the quicker medium of memory. You're going to the limits of the 32-bit system.

Description of the version: Gavotte RamDisk

The English-language version gavotte RamDisk 1.1 is XP, Vista, and 7 with the versions of Windows 2000 compatible. You need the program especially for the 32-bit versions, but also for 64-bit systems you can use the tool. Use the higher speed of RAM and make you use the volatility of the data. With just a few clicks, you can set how much capacity of your memory to be used for the virtual disk. You can now freely choose the drive ID.

All can afford the gavotte RamDisk

• Use of RAM as a virtual disk
• Free eligibility of drive letters
• Storage of temporary files on the volatile medium
• Release the unreachable memory paging files

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