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"Games for Windows LIVE" brings together effortlessly you with your best players.



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Games for Windows – LIVE

"Games for Windows LIVE" is the right choice for you, if you play your games prefer not alone, but with friends in real time. The online service also provides the appropriate players.

Since May 2007 can not only the owners of the Xbox 360 with Internet access to the common games network, but to join with the support of "Games for Windows LIVE" also PC gamers across devices and mix directly into the action of the window games. The operating systems Windows Vista or Windows 7 is required now sport a revised version of his free game service brought out. It offers many fantastic opportunities to move into the world of online games enthusiastic multiplayer.

So you can set up now your personal game card you with "Games for Windows LIVE", about which you can chat with your future competitors. This individual player profile enables Windows to create a friend list to friends and in future fights automatically with similarly strong opponents to match you. What is likely to make the fun yet also exciting. Also the LIVE account, any of your-won achievement points stored on that belongs to this freeware. Your score you can from any PC or any Internet-enabled Xbox then see a 360 off and use it for further actions. Very user friendly the "games for Windows LIVE" is Control Panel, because it is very clear and easy to set up. You can easily see the number of your messages in the mailbox, the player from your friend list, the General list of players and your private chats. And under the "Personal Settings" button, you can update your own profile of course.

Description of the version: Games for Windows – LIVE

Compared with the previous programme, the current version of "Games for Windows LIVE" offers you, you can literally buy a marketplace function go. With your previously acquired achievement points you can download about trailer, to see you the Windows games that interest you. Or try your skills on the demo versions of compatible games. And of course it allows Add-ons to get additional game content called for you, to add new items or areas of your current game so.

The version 3.4 "Games for Windows LIVE" offers proven and new.

• File size: 623.1 KByte
• Demo versions downloadable
• enhanced online player profile
• independent player-merge
• Equipment übergreifendesGeräte comprehensive games for PC, and an Internet-enabled Xbox 360
• Marketplace function with extension possibilities

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