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Gamejack protects original disk and allows for maximum game enjoyment with minimal effort.



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Who buys a new game software, who wants maximum game enjoyment for long life duration of the game. It's now really essential to provide maximum system performance of the PC computer game and fundamentally to protect the disk from unwanted damage. That can afford Gamejack. Computer games are now quite expensive, it is better to protect them well with minimal effort. Gamejack s.a.d. copied nearly every game, so the original disk spares and additionally optimizes the performance of your computer.

Gamejack creates perfect backup copies of your games CDs and DVDs, which involves nearly all copy protection methods of buying games. You can burn images on a CD or DVD disc or on a virtual hard disk transfer but what is mainly the future of backup and storage. Gamejack: Emulator, backup burning program. When saving on a virtual hard disk, copy protection of course including Gamejack simulates an inserted disk, if necessary. This procedure offers the advantage that you the disk to use the game as so far need to insert and your used computer system performance can be increased, since not more constantly the CD drive must be accessed.

A GameTuner integrated in Gamejack optimized enjoy even further by an increase in system performance using the auto-configuration of different system details. The utility Gamejack manages the created images using a grandios-effective image archiving and also enables you to refresh the games through various updates, patches or bug-fixes. So an individual maximum performance by Gamejack is ensured, regardless of the age and size of your computer or the purchased original disk.

What is Gamejack everything and what can Gamejack

• Burning protection
burn virtually any video game •
• Conservation of the disk
• Use a virtual hard disk
• integrated GameTuner
• compatible with major operating systems

System requirements for Gamejack

Gamejack is compatible in the normal case with all major operating systems: Windows 2000 but also Windows XP Home and professional. To install and run the program, you need 15.4 MByte disk space and 256 MB of RAM memory.

Description of the version: Gamejack

The new version of the GameJack software is now even easier the backup of your favorite games. The developers have added many new settings, so that you can use for many different game disk the GameJack software. If necessary, even the copy protection mechanism on your computer game can be emulated. Additional assistance makes available the PDF with tricks and tricks. The software is not only for games, CDs and DVDs for movies.

The most important functions of the GameJack software version 5

• New setting options
• Additional tricks and tricks for even more user friendly
• If necessary simple emulation of copy protection methods
• Extensive help in PDF format

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