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Future Pinball you can imagine together individually your own Pinball table.



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Future Pinball

Future Pinball is a construction program, with which one can construct his own personal Pinball. So your Pinball table looks after also correctly fame, future Pinball provides all the necessary elements for you. It starts at various clubs, goes over various ramps up to many colored lighting effects. You can personalize the background also friends with future Pinball. You put together your own table you with a complete Editor module. You can include also soundtracks and sound effects. You also have the possibility to equip your Pinball with the right music and the right sound. You can imagine together individually even the keyboard or mouse control.

Even if you have very many different and complex ways with this editor, is pretty easy to handle Pinball future. You can build up your Pinball you using the modular principle. Flipper are the build is very cumbersome for some, but lots of fun. For all that be hard pressed this is also the possibility to download a pinball machine from the Internet. Even if you draw you a pinball machine from the network, you can adapt it to your needs. Future Pinball offers you a variety, so you can dive into the world of Pinball. Even if you've grown in the 70s or 80s, you'll love future Pinball. But not only for die-hard flipper Pinball friends future. Future Pinball is a real insider tip under the "newbies".

You can also play the powerful engines of future Pinball, you should have a powerful computer. If a simple table to play but you can download a finished table on the homepage of future Pinball. No matter whether you load a finished table from the Internet you or not, you can do this on his suitability to play. The freeware future Pinball uses a very sophisticated physics engine, which allows a realistic Pinball-feeling. The small metal balls DART over the playing field, that you think you're on a real pinball machine.

The functions at a glance:

• Design your own Pinball
• Use objects such as bumper, trigger, gates and Pinball
• Perfect physics simulation for best gameplay
• Play in real-time 3D
• Download complete tables from the network
• Use music and sound effects

Can any pinball play?

To be able to play future Pinball, you need either Win2000/Vista, or Windows XP. Your computer should have a 1.8 GHz processor and a 256 MB memory. The hardware accelerator should DirectX 8.0 or higher.

Description of the version: Future Pinball

In the new version of future Pinball, you was made even easier the creation of your own pinball machine. Only a few attributes must be changed so that you can create your own and personal Pinball with the current software. Using the editor you can add a variety of new items in the playing field now even faster, and due to the high flexibility of the editor you can recreate famous Pinball virtually every friends.

Features of future Pinball in the current version of 1.9.20081225

• New editor to create pinball games
• New items (bumpers, Flipper, Gates etc.) available
• Simple personalization by changing only a few attributes

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