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Arrange them with furnish you however individually and easily your furniture according to your ideas.



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The three-dimensional room Setup program furnish has been developed by the Danish furniture manufacturer BoConcept. You can therefore now comfortably at home plan an upcoming move to the computer by virtually placing your sofas, tables, mirrors or Windows with the help of furnish in a continuously changing housing plan.

With furnish you can include not only the own product range from BoConcept. Due to the changing dimension input, furnish gives you the opportunity to design your own home furnishings and to get a taste by the three-dimensional view of function. Thus, you can see how to insert the furnishings in the House and work. You have the option to enter different room dimensions. As a result, several rooms can be designed individually. Through the function of the drag -and-drop at furnish you are able to rotate objects and pull in the correct position. Select the 3D view, highlight a table for example. Then hold the "CTRL" key down and turn the table with the arrow keys.

You can download easily and quickly to furnish here. Click on the download button, and furnish will be friends with your virtual room and furniture a great help. With the furnish 3D-Dekorationsprogramm, you get a real highlight on the hand on top of that even free is offered.

Features of the interior design program furnish

• Drag-and-drop insert
• Infinitely adjustable
• Any arranging furniture
• Colour adaption of surfaces
• 3D-animation
• Changeable mass

System requirements of 3D furnish

By the manufacturer, there is a recommended minimum requirement, your computer when you use should have of furnish. He should have storage space at least a 566 MHz Pentium. Furthermore, it is necessary to have 256 MB of RAM or 616 MB VRAM. A prerequisite for a good representation is an XGA screen resolution at 1024 x 768 and 16 bit colors. In addition, we recommend a Pentium 4 processor with a capacity of 2 GHz. A memory with 512 MB or 64 MB VRAM increases the speed and results in a much better representation. Furthermore, it is noted that furnish with Windows 98, 98 SE, ME, Works 2000, XP and Windows Vista. This program is not compatible with a Mac.

Description of the version: Furnish

With interior design solution of furnish by BoConcept, you can virtually set up your place in advance with the furniture of the manufacturer. These are all product lines available, you can individually select and customize. You can change all the furniture in the color, the materials, the fronts, the armrests or table tops. The furniture you can in your apartment then free place and before the purchase so see how this together.

Furnish features in the current version

• 2-D and 3-D spatial planning
• all product lines from BoConcept are available
• individual customization of all furniture
• Enter of the room dimensions and the doors and Windows

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