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FurMark is an indispensable tool to test your system's stability especially for overclockers.



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Your PC should even really sweat, run the graphics card to the limit of their capacity? With the FurMark no problem. No other program generated so much load on the GPU like the FurMark.

A fluffy fur-coated Donuts are not necessarily a computer player's dream. For graphics cards, however, the wool-ring's worst nightmare. The graphics benchmark and stability testing of oZone3D drives each card to its limits. So much load on the graphics card like the FurMark produces no game and no other application.

And what fun? To test the video card, for example, on stability. A graphics card, several hours at a time correctly completed this benchmark, is also playing elaborate without crashes. And also the power supply unit can be checked with the FurMark - due to the huge load on the GPU, the graphics card consumes much more energy than in everyday life. The power supply is too weak, crash computers and fur district. Especially after Übertaktungsversuchen a long run with the FurMark is attached. To test the new clock speeds of the graphics card not only, but also to look the temperatures of the map along the way. The high energy consumption while inside a FurMark can also heat rises massively, too weak cooling systems can quickly overheat the sensitive GPU.

Conveniently the benchmark during the run (either in full-screen or windowed), also equal to the most important data like, including the temperature of the graphics chip will show. The gains in performance be integrated benchmark mode also after the Übertaktungsversuch determine. FurMark runs under OpenGL, so any restrictions by DirectX not in the weight fall.

Description of the version: FurMark

The current version of FurMark supports your latest graphic card models from AMD and NVIDIA. Because older versions of the tools including the temperatures of current graphics cards cannot be read out, it is generally advisable to use the latest version of FurMark. Also the temperature display has been revised so that the GPU temperatures can be better read and also the GPU and memory clock rates are clearly at the current benchmark to display - the features of GPU-Z are already integrated.

Furmark - differences in version 1.9.0 released

• Support for all current graphics cards
• Programmable temperature alert
• GPU-Z functions are integrated in the FurMark
• Improved GPU load
• Warm-up for benchmark functions added
• GPU and RAM voltages appear in window mode

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