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With funny voice, you can distort your voice in lower or higher registers.



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Funny Voice

It's so funny to hear his own recorded voice. What funny voice has to offer is but the blast! Funny voice is a simple program, but with great effect. You can easily and free download funny voice, which takes only a few seconds. Once downloaded and installed you can do some fun things to. All you need is a microphone.

Funny Voice itself, you can set whether your vote in the deeper pitch should be distorted or higher. You may draw too, while you speak into the microphone, just up and down the pitch. This is a very fun effect. You can record everything you say with a funny voice, at the same time. At best, you simply connect your stereo system in the microphone output on your computer, and listen to yourself your funny voice.

Funny Voice simply paving in your next karaoke party and your friends won't forget this evening. Rather than to sing into the microphone of the karaoke program, your funny voice just use microphone and your voice starts suddenly, in a shrill beep voice to tweeting a dramatically sad love song or a groovy pop song you sing in a deep voice of the robot. Or record your voice on your answering machine in distorted pitch and you surprise all your callers, if you're not at home right now. Your friends will not recognize your voice at the beginning and to laugh, in hindsight, that your voice can be adjusted so. If you're a Joker, funny voice is the right choice for you. Everyone who once tried out funny voice, has a lot of fun and many laughs with this program. And laughter is healthy!

So much fun with funny voice:

• Download the program for free
• Distorts your voice in low and high registers
• Listen your funny voice over the stereo system
• Discuss your queries with a distorted voice
• Sing karaoke with funny voice
• Record your distorted voice

How does funny voice actually work?

The program of funny voice works actually quite simple, but has a great effect by his voice distortion. Basically, it changed only the Hertzfrequenz with the your voice to be played. It's that simple. And already you can talk and sing in all registers.

Description of the version: Funny Voice

Funny voice is an exciting and easy-to-use program that can digitally manipulate your recorded voice and sound recordings. With just a few mouse clicks, your voice in a Smurf-"beep" - or in a deep demon voice can be transformed. In addition to the program, only a microphone is required. A simple connect of your hi-fi system or TV card to the microphone input is sufficient and the fun can begin.

Have fun with your voice and funny voice

• Easy-to-use audio program.
• Changes your own voice with just a few mouse clicks.
• Can distort other recordings as well as voice recordings higher or lower.
• Requires an external or built-in microphone.

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