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Licence Pro Lenic is an effective way to learn for the driving test.



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Führerschein Pro (Lenic)

The goal of almost every youth is for the licence. But much hard work is required before the success, because there is a lot of material to learn. You just supported licence Pro Lenic with a complete and comprehensive catalog of questions. After downloading and installing the software you will be asked at the start of licence Pro Lenic, for which class you wish to make the driver's license. After selecting the desired category of driving licence, you're then on the main screen of licence Pro Lenic.

In the lower left corner you can find in the settings for licence Pro Lenic, who you should call first. As one of the best features of licence Pro Lenic is the language issue. You may have read all questions and corresponding answers to you. But the licence Pro Lenic underscores each word read in, so that the tracking on the screen for people with a reading disability at all is not a problem. The mentioned settings you can select now the voice for the Narrator. Here you have the choice between a male or a female voice, as well as different language patterns. You can listen to the voice settings and then select appropriate for you.

The questionnaires by licence Pro Lenic are very large and are divided into different areas. So you can test yourself in the raw material with 513 questions and in the additive, with 293 issues. Or you're just the class test with 806 issues. For the simulation of a test, licence Pro Lenic selects then 30 questions you have to answer within a certain time. 45 Minutes are given for this, but you can change the time settings of licence Pro Lenic. At the end of each test, you get an evaluation to the correct and incorrect answers and can look at again then all these friends.

Licence Pro Lenic features:

• Learning software
• Prepare the theoretical driving test
• current issues to all areas
• innovative readers for questions and answers
• Demo version
• for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP/Vista/7

Background information about licence Pro Lenic

Licence Pro Lenic is a development by Timo Bell EDP & consulting from Recklinghausen and is equipped with the innovative and helpful speech output from this. In addition to the driver's license software offered still more useful software solutions for learners and trainees Timo Bell EDP & consultancy.

Description of the version: Führerschein Pro (Lenic)

With licence Pro (Lenic) 2.0 you can prepare even better on the driving test! The entire questionnaire for all classes is now available you to practice. Here, you have the opportunity to go through all the questions one at a time, or to specialize in you example figures regarding specific topics recently. A new enhancement: If you've been practicing all questions, you can simulate the test with time measurement. The correct answers are read to you even if desired.

The functions of driving licence Pro (Lenic) 2.0 at a glance:

• Availability of the entire questionnaire of all licence categories
• Text-to-speech function for questions and answers
• Simulation of the exam with time measurement
• Optimum evaluation of responses

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