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Frets on fire is compulsory for all those who want to emulate their rock idols on the PC.



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Frets on Fire

Play guitar with your keyboard. Frets on fire makes it possible and allows you, which is great community thanks, virtually any guitar song with the keyboard play. Frets on fire Guitar Hero who knows love.

Almost everyone has heard of games on console platforms, where you can play well-known songs with a guitar controller. Frets on fire alludes to these games and makes this possible with the standard keyboard on the home PC.

"Frets on fire", which you can download you will need only a keyboard and the program. The user interface is very intuitive and quickly guides you to your first appearance. This is controlled by the whole thing with the F keys on your keyboard. You take them closest to the rock in his hand. Ideally you have a wireless keyboard with the to the maximum freedom of movement could you exploit the complete living room as a stage, provided a free look at the screen. The built-in tutorial leads you slowly to the control. Once completed you go right. The game interface is reminiscent of the already mentioned Konsolenpendents. You get 6 guitar strings, then every colored "anchor points" or lines on you running to. As soon as they reach the end, is to press the corresponding key on the keyboard. Sounds simple, it is also, at least on the easiest difficulty. Is this to the maximum, it is almost as busy as rock sizes that pull on a real guitar.

Initially, frets on fire offers not very many songs to choose from, however, the program is very easy to extend and the great community makes it possible that almost every song that might be interested, is found as frets on fire version.

Description of the version: Frets on Fire

The new version of frets on fire features some innovations. Simple explanations have been added to how the game is to install properly. These were previously completely missing. The whole program structure has been simplified a bit and the addition of her own songs, the image format was limited to PNG files to make everything slightly more consistent. Now you can make more accessible specially created songs for others by you out cycle it directly from the program to an executable file. Also, translations have been adjusted.

The new features of the software frets on fire

• Standardization of image choice, only with PNGs possible
• Created songs are exported as executable
• The program structure has been simplified
• Adapted translations

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